Election Investigations Must Include People And Flow Of Money


Nation’s leading election integrity expert says unaccountable government officials “tearing the country apart”

Washington, DC / September 15, 2021 – In an exclusive interview with Steve Bannon on the rapidly growing Real America’s Voice network, elections integrity expert and Director of the Amistad Project Phill Kline said that Democrat officials trying to prevent proper investigations into the 2020 election are “harming the democratic process.”

Kline’s comments came during a discussion on several thorough state investigations into the election, which are progressing in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia. 

“It was the most lawless election in United States history, with leftist officials unilaterally deciding not to follow state law, and now [these investigations are] compelling people to produce documents and to produce testimony. That is critical,” Kline told Bannon. 

“In fact, the burden should be … on the election officials to demonstrate that they complied with the law in running the elections, it shouldn’t be on the investigators to prove fraud before they start an investigation,” Kline continued.

“What we’re dealing with are election officials who are either appointed or elected to do their job. Their obfuscation, their hiding of evidence, actual possible deletion of evidence, is evidence in itself that they didn’t do their job properly, so we need to press forward on all fronts here,” he said.

When asked to respond to allegations from the Democrats that investigations into the 2020 election are harming the country, Kline was clear that it is in fact those seeking to squash investigations into the 2020 election who are doing the harm.

“What’s tearing this country apart are those in power who believe that the government should not be accountable to the people, and that the American people are the greatest threat to the American form of government, and that’s what you see with the Biden Administration right now,” Kline said. “You have an Attorney General who essentially threatens people for holding the government accountable,” he added.

“If you go to the United States Agency for International Development — that is our agency that monitors foreign elections to see if they’re fair and properly conducted — it says that all elections must be transparent, accountable, and inclusive,” Kline observed. “This was the least transparent, accountable, and inclusive election in United States history, and now that people are asking the tough questions, the government officials who should answer to the people are saying we should not answer those questions. That’s what’s harming the democratic process,” he said.

“Additionally, the Left is bypassing the democratic process with perpetual use of these police powers,” Kline added. “They are essentially saying, ‘the legislative branch is not relevant, we know what’s best,’’ he said. “That is what is destroying America from within, and we need people who are willing to stand up and fight that destruction,” Kline continued. “We’re becoming an authoritarian nation and a corporate oligarchy and it’s time that we wake up and prevent it from happening.” 

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 - RAV Editorial Staff

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