Comments came during exclusive interview on the Real America’s Voice Network

Washington, D.C./September 24, 2021 – In an exclusive interview which aired live on the Real America’s Voice network Friday afternoon, 45th President Donald Trump appeared to hint at a possible third presidential run.

When asked by host David Brody what would prevent him from running in 2024, Trump answered simply, “a bad call from a doctor or something.” 

The teasing comment was made during conversation that touched on a wide variety of issues, including the Arizona audit, the border crisis, election integrity in Georgia, and the Biden administration’s decision not to invoke executive privilege to prevent Trump White House records from being released to the January 6 committee.  

Highlights On whether the 45th President will sue over the Biden administration’s decision to allow the release of privileged White House communications regarding January 6:

“I’ll do whatever’s necessary.” 

On the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis: 

“I find it hard to believe it’s intentional… but when you look at what’s happening there, they have to hate our country to allow this to happen.”

On the Left’s promotion of critical race theory: 

“It’s hard to say, ‘do people hate our country,’ but when you see some of the things that they’re saying they can only hate.”

On his relationship with Dr. Fauci with in office: 

“I really did pretty much the opposite of whatever he said.” 

On the radical takeover of the Democratic Party: 

Biden “has allowed a small group of people to really just gather that Party up and do whatever they want with it, and they kidnapped the Party, and the things they’re doing are so radical.”


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