David Brody talks with Gov. Kristi Noem about the Biden Admin fails and more!

Gov. Kristi Noem spends "every single day" trying to protect North Dakotans from the damage being done by the Biden Administration.

Republican governor vows to continue to resist Biden vaccine mandates.

Washington, DC / September 16, 2021 – In an exclusive interview with David Brody on the rapidly growing Real America’s Voice network, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem lashed out at President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. 

“What President Biden is doing by these mandates coming down to businesses and employers that employ more than 100 people is unconstitutional,” said Noem.

“The Constitution clearly states that there are limited powers for the federal government and that all other powers are delegated to the states,” she continued. The “health and public safety of individuals and the public… that is the state's responsibility, that is the local government’s responsibility, it is not the federal government, so I will as soon as that guidance comes out be filing litigation and I have told the President that I would see him in court.”

Governor Noem told Brody that fighting the Biden administration’s executive overreach has been a daily feature of her job since President Biden assumed office. “I went from being on offense when President Trump was in the White House… to as soon as the Biden administration came in just being on defense trying to protect my people,” said Noem. “That’s what I do every single day, is just try to protect them from the damage that this administration is doing,” she continued.

“I’ve already signed an executive order banning vaccine passports in our state, we’ve already made sure that our state employees and our state will not be requiring vaccine mandates and then we’ll fight the federal government when they try to do so as well,” Noem said.

President Biden’s “actions against us have been very punitive, very political, and this White House has not worked with us at all to help take care of our people, and that’s unfortunate.”