Former senior Trump advisor explains the dangers of not emphasizing assimilation when accepting Afghan refugees.

Washington, D.C./September 23, 2021 – In an exclusive interview on the rapidly growing Real America’s Voice network, Stephen Miller, former senior advisor to President Trump and founder of America First Legal, highlighted the danger of allowing into America immigrants from places like Afghanistan without any efforts to encourage assimilation once they get here. 

“We in America have to understand that the values we hold dear here, the values that we cherish, the values that make our way of life possible are not held by all people everywhere in the world,” Miller said. “So, we have an obligation when we’re administering our immigration system to make sure that the people who come here share our values, and then on top of that once they are here… we still have to have positive, affirmative assimilation efforts,” he continued.

Unfortunately, noted Miller, “the assimilation machinery in America has been broken now for some time, and there hasn’t been any serious societal attention towards the need to assimilate.” In fact, Miller observed, instead of encouraging assimilation, “as we seen in our public education system, we have anti-assimilation, we teach people that America is an evil country and that our values should be discarded, so far from assimilating newcomers we are doing the opposite, we are teaching people of all backgrounds that America is systematically flawed.” 

Miller explained that the lack of assimilation efforts is especially dangerous in the context of Afghan refugees. “We’re talking about the risk of a belief system being brought into our country that is anti-woman, that is anti-equality, that promotes the use in some cases of violence to resolve political disputes, that rejects pluralism,” Miller said. “These are the tenets of fundamentalist Islamic extremism,” he continued. “We need to be extraordinarily careful, but far from being careful what we’re seeing right now is throwing all caution to the wind.”