Jenna Ellis talks with Dave Brat about The deconstructing the Judeo-Christian tradition

So what do you plan to cover on the show? Well, it's like your show, I'd say our lives, right? It's the Judeo Christian tradition, mixed with great reason gives you the western synthesis. It's under-covered. The leftist media is in open revolt. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, our philosophy departments are in deconstruction mode. There deconstructing the Judeo-Christian tradition, the rule of law, the Constitution, there are two marble busts where Adam Smith and James Madison, for the viewers who may have missed that. And then the free markets, right, Adam Smith, Milton Friedman, and the reason we become the most successful, prosperous country on Earth, and now that's being threatened. And so we have to take action. Let's go. Absolutely. And these are conversations that you and I have quite frequently, and we need to have these conversations more because I think there's been a great return to civics to thirst from the American people, especially over the last four years of what's happened to go back to our roots and understanding civics understanding our Constitution, our foundation of why this, this country has been the greatest opportunity for prosperity in the world history.