Jenna Ellis talks to Dave Brat about western traditions and why Americans need to understand civics.

So, Dave, we've been talking about the implications of the Western tradition, and why young people and people overall all Americans need to understand civics where we came from and I want to then move the conversation forward in dispelling this myth that Jesus was a socialist. Ya know, that's a pretty low hurdle to hit. We have another science in addition to you know, environmental science and green science and in tornado science. It's called economic science. No one's ever heard of this before. And so pretty simple Nobel prize to Robert Solow for economic growth. Capital, labor, and technology cause economic growth across countries you want a Nobel prize? Greg manku, at Harvard, adds human capital explains about 80% of the variation and all the cross country regressions. So there you have it, if you want to do well and prosper, there you go. I asked my sociology colleagues, what causes economic growth? You should have heard the answers. I mean, it was a comedy channel. And so back to Jesus and private property, etc. A lot of those Nobel Prize winners in economics. In fact, if you go to university, Chicago, they have a whole row lined up. A lot of them are our Jewish brothers and sisters who are geniuses. I wish I had the brain that half of our Nobel laureates had. And so the Judeo-Christian tradition has produced great figures and great science that relies upon the scientific method and falsification. In the Jewish tradition, yet God in the creation event is down in the mud, creating things and says create, go work, before the fall, go work.