Jenna Ellis interviews Mark Finchem talks about election fraud audit security.

local media seems to be up in arms about who is paying for security at the audit site. And he saw what President Trump just said earlier today, with their similar questioning about the 3 million that Mark Zuckerberg gave to Maricopa county supervisors.Yeah, that's what's kind of very strange about the equation with the local media here, they didn't see anything wrong with that. And that actually was was interference in the election, paying for remote dropboxes, that kind of thing. The offer from outside funding for the audit process is more about security. It's making sure that the perimeter of the structure has got adequate security, which I've been given to understand that they've got that under control. But it's just stunning to me, the media hypocrisy around you can interfere with the election, but Heaven forbid that you would help protect an audit. That's just I don't even know what I'm on what planet that that comes together. JUST REAL NEWS & HONEST VIEWS! WATCH ON DISH CH 219 · PLUTO TV CH 240 · ROKU · APPLE TV · FIRE TV