Jenna Ellis talks about election integrity efforts.

Yeah. So what's going on with a legal challenge in Arizona? Well, as you know,
the Senate launched an investigation into not just the 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County, but also the digital data, the machines, and they're reportedly even going to be reaching out to voters in certain precincts to follow up on the lead. So this obviously wasn't popular amongst the democrats there since they've launched this initiative, and filed a motion in court to try to hold the investigation, citing irreparable harm to election integrity, which is funny, because if there was integrity, we wouldn't be here in the first place. But anyway, they filed this motion. And the previous judge, a judge named Christopher Corey had actually said hold temporarily posit if you post $1 million bonds so that the cyber firm group called cyber ninjas if they incur any damages or fees over the delay, you're going to be responsible for it. And the Democrats said, No, we're not doing that. So the investigation was never paused. It was never halted. And it was supposed to be heard Monday today. But last night, Sunday, the judge had gotten some documents that had a name on them. And he realized that that name was somebody that was an ex turn for his office within the last five years. So, unfortunately, he was required to recuse himself. But in his place now, that case has been reassigned to the Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin, who is appointed to the bench back in 2007. So it's unclear what kind of Judge he's going to be. But he's certainly now been assigned to a case overseeing probably the most historic election investigation in American history.
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