Corona Has Officially Become a National Disaster – How Bad Will It Become?

Corona Has Officially Become a National Disaster – How Bad Will It Become?

March 19, 2020, 2:28 PM

Julie works as a waitress in a middle-class neighborhood in a Midwestern state. She earns $4.75 an hour plus tips, which averages about $20.00 an hour.

Julie got called on Monday that the Governor had ordered all restaurants, bars, casinos, movie theaters, etc. closed down until further notice. The reason? CoronaVirus! Nobody seems to know how long it will be until the government gets its arms around this plague. 

For conversation purposes, let us assume a fairly bad scenario and say that Julie will be laid off for 3-months. Julie resides in a typical middle-class apartment complex, and she drives a Chevy Malibu that she pays $320 to GMAC for her car payment. Her apartment rent is $650 a month, and currently, Julie has about $500 in her savings account. Between her Visa card payment, rent, car, insurance, groceries, cable, and Internet service, like most Americans, Julie lives just one month from an economic disaster.

And herein lies the major problem that Corona is causing for our nation.

Not only are the family cafe’s being crushed, so are the major chains. Maybe not for Chili’s itself, but certainly for the bartenders, wait-staff, greeters, and cooks in the kitchen. Your average Applebee’s, for instance, will employ a couple of dozen full and part-time employees. 

Last night’s Tucker Carlson program sums up the gravity of this entire plague on the United States. Tucker does a fabulous job of explaining the economic fallout in this episode. 

Think about Las Vegas for a moment. Each one of the major hotels has thousands of rooms. The Circus Circus buffet alone employees close to 100 employees consisting of wait-staff, cooks, clean up staff, chefs, greeters, and more. Go to the table games section, and you’ll find a hundred or more dealers, pit bosses, waitresses roaming around taking drink orders, and security personnel. In total, the behemoth hotel employs some 2,800 full and part-time employees. Now multiply that hotel by another several dozen of same or larger sizes such as the MGM Grand, and The Palms. In total, you have over 100,000 employees on just a small portion of the famed strip that just became unemployed overnight. This will have a devastating impact on Las Vegas, Nevada. 

How many employees work at nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, malls, and so forth in the states of Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois? The number most likely will exceed 1-million in just these states alone. 

Let us now look at the spin-off effect of these mass layoffs.

Remember, most of these groups live paycheck to paycheck. Most will have trouble paying their rents and house payments on April 1. Most will be calling their local banks, Ford Motor Credit, GMAC, and credit unions, explaining that they cannot make their car payments. Their local gyms won’t be getting their monthly dues along with those 2 or 3 beer sales on the way home from work with their buddies every evening. Gasoline sales are going to plunge as most Americans have stopped traveling, and this includes their daily commutes to work. 

Since mom and dad are no longer working, the daycare center just stopped receiving their weekly paychecks as well. In the end, CoronaVirus-COVID-19 just decimated the economy of the United States of America in a preeminent way. Not that I have any sympathy for the credit card companies, but they are going to be brutalized in April, which is going to severally trash the bottom line of Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo, USAA, and on and on it goes. This is all going to be cash pulled out of the economy, which we desperately need to keep circulating.

Yesterday, the President announced that he just became a “war-time” president. Because the United States is now effectively at war in many respects, this allows President Trump to tap into Emergency Powers that the President has in dire circumstances.    

Recognizing what is happening to our economy, on Tuesday, the President announced a massive cash infusion into the economy by sending all taxpayers a $1000 payment to assist with rents, groceries, car payments, etc.. 

Initially, our nation began this latest crisis, thinking, “oh well, now we have another flu bug.” As the media began ‘non-stop’ newscast about something named after a Mexican beer, we all began thinking that this was just another attempt the Democrats were using to take down Trump. Today, many are now fearing for their very lives as this pandemic expands dramatically globally. 

The fact is, the United States had not faced anything this severe since 1918 when the Spanish Flu virtually wiped out entire towns in our nation. 

The severity of the CoronaVirus doesn’t lie within just the fact that it does kill people in certain medical groups (such as the elderly). The real story here is that this virus has now proven to be capable of bringing down our entire economy. Imagine something that we cannot see, cannot smell, cannot taste, and something that has no shrapnel, explosive power, or radiation having the ability to decimate a nation such as the United States of America?  

The very real truth is if the United States cannot get their arms around this virus in the coming weeks, have it hit its peak, we might be in very, very serious trouble later in the year. Our nation cannot withstand a plague that shuts down the majority of our corporations, mom and pop businesses, and society in general. If this virus is not stemmed quickly, and I mean very quickly, we will then begin witnessing an entire societal meltdown

It is often said that we are only 3-5 days away from chaos in America if we run out of food. In fact, it was just announced yesterday that gun sales hit an all-time high for the first two weeks of March on a nationwide basis. 

Now would be a good time for all Americans to begin praying and praying very hard for our nation. We are genuinely in trouble, my fellow patriots. If this thing goes on much further, I don’t even want to contemplate what the ramifications are going to be for our country. 

By Ken Crow