YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! + President Pence Trial Run??!!

Today Trump and Pence validated my investigative news reports from last week (Friday) and this past weekend! (Saturday) I broke the story that the Honduran Caravan AKA Foreign Invasion March was full of Izlamic Stayt associates on Saturday and that the Democrats were also behind this manufactured event. Today POTUS and VP validated my claim during a press conference in the oval office. Pence also revealed that Honduras reported that Venezuela is one of the vehicles the globalist cabal used to organize this invasion on behalf of their minions in the U.S. Democrat party. Make sure you subscribe here because I will break news stories BEFORE THE MSM does!

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INVASION! Dirty Democrats Manufactured This Caravan Crisis! Here’s The Proof. Trump is Right Again!:

ISIS SLEEPERS EMBEDDED IN #ImmigrantCaravan! That’s Why Trump to Deploy Military to Border!

URGENT 🔴 President Trump Press Briefing on NATIONALIST Himself, Journalist COVERUP, Caravan INFO

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