TRUMP HOLLYWOOD STAR: Making Trump’s Star Great Again!

What’s going on here?
I went down to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame to check out the star of our President Donald J. Trump. I was disgusted to see the word “F**k” across it with his name crossed out and decided to clean it up.

I took a photo beside it as planned but couldn’t help but notice parents with their kids as well as many tourists seeing the defaced star and refraining from taking a pic. Most of the people there seemed positive about our President, despite what CNN would have you believe, but shied away from a photo with the star like this, especially with their kids. I had to do something. I know many others have done so and that inspired me and reminded me that it is a continuing effort to stop the crazies and to show and maintain respect for Our President, ideally regardless of politics. If they tarnish his name, they tarnish our name as real Americans. I went to a nearby store and got some cleaning products, knelt down and got to work.

What happened?
Despite a few angry shouts the gathering crowd around me seemed welcomingly positive and I felt an enormous sense of pride leaving things in a better state than I found it, something I try to do throughout life. God Bless America. God Bless President Trump.

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Cleaning The Trump Hollywood Star: Make America Civil Again

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