Who’s Really Behind the Trump Take Down

Who’s Really Behind the Trump Take Down

November 21, 2019, 2:07 PM

The following 8-minutes of last night’s Democrat Debate had the candidate Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard being Googled more than any other candidate. 

At this point in time, one has to ask the question, so why was Ms. Gabbard Googled so much?

What prompted the American people to want to know more about her, over the rest of the candidates? I’m going to offer up a theory as to “why” America wanted to follow up and learn more about this Congresswoman from Hawaii. 

Congresswoman Gabbard made a couple of statements in her answer to the question of she felt that Hillary Clinton was the personification of the rot in Washington, D. C. Gabbard went on to explain that both Clinton and the Democrat Party were guilty of ‘regime-change’ globally as well as most of Capitol Hill. First, let us establish what ‘regime-change’ means to the average American.

What ‘regime-change’ means most often is this. The White House (err: the President) will huddle with his or her foreign advisers, intelligence operatives, key military officers, and they will often decide that “Dictator X-Y-Z” must go. Usually, this process will begin with CIA operatives being sent in to create uprisings in the streets, a backlash against the government, or riots in the streets of the Capital of that nation. You’re currently witnessing this in Iran as you read this. Remember Iraq? We tried the very same in Baghdad before we had to send in the military to oust Saddam. 

When the current leader is ousted, often times some General or military leader will step up and try to take over.

The United States doesn’t want war (or so we say), we would prefer the puppet that we have orchestrated this Coup with to take over the country. And the war begins. But it’s not really a war, it is a campaign, or it is a “police action.” 

Unfortunately, this “police-action” involves bullets being shot, missiles being fired, tanks rolling through a jungle or across a desert. It usually involves tens of billions of dollars of hardware being shipped, Brown and Root constructing small cities in the middle of nowhere to support our brave soldiers, and billions more in food to be eaten. Power stations are built, sewers are constructed, chapels are built for worship services, and barracks are constructed for the troops to put their heads down at night. All of this costs the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in the end. 

The harsh reality is this, military operations anywhere on this planet is a very big business for the “Military-Industrial Complex.” 

Now, one needs to ask themselves, “how do these corporations earn money in peacetime?” They don’t is the answer. They need a war to earn massive profits to keep their stockholders happy. Take Raytheon for instance. If we are at peace, then this company that manufacturers air-to-air missiles doesn’t earn a profit. They need our F-22’s, F-15’s and 16’s to be shooting rockets, so they can manufacture more rockets in order to earn to show black ink on the balance sheets.

The Democrats like to paint the Republicans as the cause of most of our conflicts. However, history tells us differently. It would be President Woodrow Wilson who got us into the bloodiest conflict in human history. That being World War I. Yes, he was a Democrat. Then it was President Roosevelt (another Democrat) who got us into World War II. President Truman sent us to Korea, and Kennedy taught us where Vietnam was. These four wars alone cost us over 700,000 American lives plus millions more being wounded. And they were all started by Democrat Presidents. 

When President Dwight Eisenhower left office, he tried to warn us about both the Democrat Party and their allegiance to the Military-Industrial Complex and their danger to our nation. 

In case you doubt that it is the Democrats who profit mostly from this military-industrial machine on Capitol Hill, consider this. The defense industry in this nation donates nearly $2.00 to the Democrats for ever $1.00 they donate to the Republicans. The link is to a website known as Open Secrets who records all the FEC filings of donations to candidates. 

Could it be that Tulsi Gabbard was sending a message to the American people?

Was she in her 1-minute response time trying to explain to the American people that it is Democrats who are so corrupted by the money and power that they are willing to sacrifice our sons and daughters for campaign donations and profits for companies such as Lockheed-Martin? 

When companies such as Newport News Shipbuilding are awarded $15-Billion for an aircraft carrier, you can wager that they want them used so they can build more of them. Pratt-Whitney most assuredly wants to manufacture more jet engines for our fighter-jets, and both Glock and Remington want to keep making our firearms for our Marines and Army. 

When all is considered, President Trump is ending our major involvement in the Middle-East. He is bringing troops and equipment home, not expanding the war. 

The Democrats while claiming to love peace are the one’s more often than not that land us in a war. Is it because they have been purchased by the Military-Industrial Complex? Remember it is President Trump who took no lobbyist or PAC money in the last election. It was the Democrats who took millions, just as they have this cycle. 

This would certainly explain why, from day one, it seems that the entire Capitol Hill machine has been against this President. The sad truth is America, it is this President who wants your sons and daughters home safely, not the Democrats. 


By Ken Crow