While the Democrats Whine President Trump Responds to Iran

While the Democrats Whine President Trump Responds to Iran

January 3, 2020, 5:58 PM

Beginning with President Carter’s handling of Iran, America has capitulated, bent over backward, and dealt with this rogue nation in a very tepid manner for over three decades. 

In fact, every President since Carter has handled Iran almost as if they were beautiful China or some priceless blown glass artifact. Where has it gotten us? 

Since 1979, Iran has been nothing but a thorn in the side of the United States.

They have all but terrorized Israel for over 30-years with random rocket attacks of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv from Iranian sponsored terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Hundreds of innocent children and women have been murdered over the years, yet we (meaning America) has stood aside for fear of rankling the tempers of the “Oh So Fearsome” Iranian military.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump sent a deafening and clear message to Iran and the rest of the world for that matter. The message was simple; “Screw with America, murder our citizens, burn our Embassies, and you will pay a heavy price.” The message was along the lines of what Julius Caesar said to the world; mess with a Roman citizen, and you will die

While much of America doesn’t know who these Iranian military leaders were, the fact is, they were the ones who orchestrated the attack on our nation’s Embassy in Baghdad this past Wednesday. Why else would an Iranian General be in Baghdad during an attack on our Embassy where we know that some 6,000 were, in fact, Iranian rebels (combatants) who were carrying out the attack?

The Iranian assault on our Embassy was supposedly in response to President Trump ordering strikes against terrorist compounds after Iranian terrorists had murdered an American contractor.  

President Trump’s response was swift and accurately targeted the perpetrators and organizers of the attack via American intelligence sources.

In (an absolutely well written) a blog written yesterday by Heather Cox Richardson (Professor of History at Boston University), she lays out in detail “what the Democrats are so upset about, and why President Trump might be in breach of the law with the drone attack on the Iranian General.” 

As expected, the Democrat media and their fear-mongering reporters have begun their assault on America’s psyche with hundreds of articles today about how President Trump has put us in the crosshairs of the much-feared Iranian militias. 

In graphic detail, the AP Wire Service has published articles today detailing how America murdered the “very powerful” Iranian General in cold-blood. Then there is another article from the AP on the immense power of the General’s allies and how they will carry out retribution against the United States because of the assassination.

Senators Richard Blumenthal and a host of other Democrat politicians have condemned the attack by Trump, and all are saying the same thing. “Woe to America, these mighty Islamic nations are going to destroy our precious nation.” 

America; we will hear from many nations, many politicians, and many fearful reporters, bloggers, and pundits over the next several days that President Trump has driven us to the brink of the holocaust. DON’T BUY INTO THIS!

While China and Russia were and loosely are allied with Iran, neither nation will be willing to go to war with the United States over us defending our Embassy and sending a message globally to leave our property and personnel alone.

That is not to say that Iran will not try something. They probably will, but again, Trump will respond with overwhelming force and they will get the message. They might already have for that matter. Their current rhetoric is simply postering so as they don’t appear weak to the rest of the world. 

President Trump responded much quicker than I personally thought he would. I am guessing that he was fed the information and decided to quickly strike while he could.

Iran does not want to taunt nor play with America’s Navy.

Militarily speaking, here is the Abraham Lincoln task force. Be it the Lincoln or any other task force, they will be positioned several hundred miles offshore and if Iran fires anything at them, it will be one of those “Oh my God, why did I do that” moments for Iran. America will send up a wall of fire, shoot down whatever was sent, then respond with a wall of cruise missiles that will ruin the day for the Ayatollah.

Having been on an aircraft carrier in the region for months, I am extremely familiar with our protocol. We will not have just one fleet, not with the tensions as high as they are. More than likely the United States will have two battle groups in the area. This means we will have on location, hundreds of cruise missiles, at least 160 fighter jets (aboard the carriers), 4 (maybe more) nuclear submarines carrying an additional arsenal of cruise missiles, plus nuclear-tipped rockets. In addition, normally our aircraft carriers also carry smaller, but very effective nuclear bombs that can be dropped along with thousands of traditional bombs and air-to-air missiles.

In addition to the United States Navy, we have stationed in Qatar, several squadrons of high altitude bombers as well as several squadrons of support aircraft and fighter jets. The bottom line is that Iran will be making a very tragic mistake if they think they can attack our United States military directly. And they know this. As I said, they are more than likely postering so as to not appear fearful of the United States. 

Hat’s off to the President for once again, defending our nation, putting American’s first and displaying American pride globally. Well done Sir!


By Ken Crow