The American Cold War, American Sovereignty and Immigration Policy

The American Cold War, American Sovereignty and Immigration Policy

Jeffrey Elliott
July 15, 2019

The case for true conservatism and Donald Trump

The time for soft peddling American conservative values has long pass. The time for supporting the American constitution is present and in earnest.  The American century is quickly evaporating into mists of intense civil unrest, ideological division and a cold civil war. 

This American cold war is being prosecuted by a “deep state”, a Cromwellian congress, subversive organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Antifa and a liberal media. Quite frankly, America cannot be a world leader if she cannot exercise sovereignty over her own borders. 

Incredibly recently, disgruntled Hispanics distraught and angry over American immigration policy especially the United States reasserting sovereignty over her porous southern border removed an American flag over a Federal facility and hoisted a Mexican flag.

Liberal adherents may argue that this is an exercise of first amendment free speech, but these flagrant acts of defiance by many of the illegal trespassers on American soil serves a more subtle demurrer to Federal authority and United States sovereignty.  The notice quite clearly is radical illegal immigrants simply do not recognize American authority nor jurisdiction and embrace open borders. However, the raising of the Mexican flag goes one step further in this “American Cold Civil War”, that is, radical illegal immigrants not only demurrer to American sovereignty, but unabashedly, assert and support Mexican sovereignty and jurisdiction over the American west. 

Unfortunately, this American Congress no longer represents or speaks for most Americans, but rather, are protecting foreign interests and playing ethnic and racial identity politics. Congress is quickly losing any semblance of moral authority to adequately govern American interest or protect the citizenship or identity of the heartland of America. Open border advocates utilize racial and identity politics to persuade voters to accept their radical agenda for America. 

The liberal agenda is no longer agenda regarding issues of equality.

The liberal agenda is currently an agenda to obtain power, utilizing immigration politics to dramatically transform the demographics of America, thereby, radically transforming American politics, power structures, institutions and historical perspective.  The liberal hysteria against the Russians, Vladimir Putin and relationship with Donald Trump serves subversives designs for globalization, open borders, massive destabilization immigration and the continued alienation and marginalization of the American heartland, namely, mainly white middle class Christian America. This requires subversive elements in America to adopt racial identity politics and teach hatred of the American heartland. This strategy requires massive immigration from third world nations and to destroy relations with great European powers such as Russia.

The Russian-Trump hoax was the liberal solution to their treasonous power play.

Hence, it is imperative for the liberals to adopt an open border massive third world immigration policy in order to effectively destabilize the American infrastructure, welfare system, value system and radically transform American demographics. This approach would further allow liberals to alienate and marginalize the American heartland. The liberal goal is to impoverish and marginalize the American heartland and provide benefits to massive immigrant populations thereby transforming the nature of what it means to be American.

This coincides with liberal racial identity strategy.  Their strategy is to replace white and Christian America with middle eastern and Muslim America via civilization jihad. Any objections to the contrary will be labelled as “hate speech”. Conservatives must act now in order to thwart liberal designs on America.  

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has adequately described salient issues challenging America and other western nations. Can any true conservative contradict Russian President Putin when he states that western liberalism is obsolete, massive immigration and multiculturalism are destroying western societies and Christianity is a moral which should be embraced by western countries? 

Russian President Putin clearly asserts in his recent Financial Times interview that “Liberalism is obsolete”, multiculturalism and massive immigration has undermined western nations and nationalism is an important factor in maintaining the benefits and welfare of the nation-state’s citizenry.  President Putin explains that liberals should look to the analysis that massive immigration and globalization have hurt and damaged the prosperity of the heartland of America, rather than a Trump-Russian collusion.

Interestingly, the Russian Federation president understands the true meaning of Donald Trump’s political victories more comprehensively than the American liberal media and subversive liberal members of congress.  President Trump has listened to the anguish and marginalization of the American working and middle classes. He understands that globalization, massive immigration, multiculturalism, cultural relativism and racial and ethnic identity politics are undermining the American Republic.

The Russian President expects every nation state to place their interests first; and thus, it is only natural for President Trump to place America First.

However, what is extraordinary, is the vehement visceral hatred that certain members of congress have for America and American interests. This sad fact concerning congressional hatred toward America and the heartland of America speaks volumes regarding American immigration policy. In truth, many of these subversive members of congress are quite simply the products and result of extremely foolish immigration policies. Many of these people should be arrested for sedition rather than sit in congress. 

Presently, Americans must decide should the American flag be raised over American government facilities or the flags of other nations. This inquiry is a matter of American nationalism versus open border globalization. America’s future is in the balance.

By Jeffrey E. Elliott, Esq.

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