David Brody - Joe Biden can't find his mask - Are we upset? No, we're Laughing

Biden: I'm looking for my mask, I'm in trouble Brody: I'm looking for my mask. I'm in trouble. Back. Joe. So Joe here's the thing. You're not in trouble. Let me explain why. Because you've been vaccinated and your own CDC says you don't need to wear a mask outdoors. You're fine, Joe, you're not in trouble. This thing. I'm sorry. I'm screaming apologize to you folks over there. This thing is all theater. This is ridiculous. Are you kidding? I like a joe biden's like well, maybe it's on the floor. No, it's not there. Maybe it's over. Maybe it's in your no it's not there. And I love how everybody else is like Hey, good to see a crowd virtual Hey, for people in a Toyota Corolla. Hey, hey. And Joe Biden's like I'm just trying to find my mask. Which by the way, just to confirm you don't need your mask because Let's all say together. Fauci says that you don't need your mask out. The whole thing's ridiculous. I'm sorry. I'm just angry. No, I'm not. I'm actually I'm not doing look angry. I think it's pretty funny