David Bratt interviews David Brody that its not really an economic recovery.

Yeah, well, it's kind of funny, I got a blurb from an economist, buddy of mine who sends out you know, the daily blurb and he says, you know, 6.4%, and then the last economic recovery took longer. And I took issue with that I said, I said, you know, of your rich uncle gives you $5 trillion, your personal income certainly goes up. And 70% of our economy is consumption. But this really is scary times. If you think about what I just said, right? Has there been an economic recovery? When you go into debt, to pay your current bills and to stimulate consumption, which is ordinarily 70% of the economy? Has there been a real economic recovery? I just got together at our first in-person event in Lynchburg, but a lot of small business people. And if you ask them, you know, how's the economic recovery, they're gonna be going, great. We're open, prior, we were closed, but they wouldn't be ecstatic about, you know, some 10% growth rates or whatever. And so, it is true that every indicator is straight up right now, every graph you're looking at, straight up, but that's like you said, that's what $7 trillion in monetary stimulus, 6 trillion in fiscal stimulus. And so it's not my view that this is an economic recovery, the economy is not recovering. They're just papering it over with debt.