Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson Inspects Poultry

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson inspects poultry during his visit to rally support for his post-Brexit farming plans, at Shervington Farm, St. Brides Wentlooge near Newport, south Wales, July 30.
READ MORE: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Wales on Tuesday on a national tour to reassure voters that his push to leave the European Union “come what may” won’t hurt the economy and rip apart the U.K. The move failed to persuade currency markets, where the pound slid to a new 28-month low amid rising concerns about a chaotic no-deal Brexit.

A day after Johnson was booed in Scotland, he faced another tough reception from farmers — a group central to the Welsh economy — who fear economic havoc if Britain leaves the EU without a divorce deal. They say millions of sheep might have to be slaughtered if tariffs are slapped on lamb exports to the EU.

Johnson said after visiting a south Wales poultry farm that his Conservative government would support farmers if their markets became “tricky.”