Are Democrats Pushing America To The Breaking Point?

Are Democrats Pushing America To The Breaking Point?

January 20, 2020, 4:52 PM

Is Virginia A Potential Flash Point and An Indicator of What is to Come?

Never in our long and illustrious history has so many obstacles been thrown at one political party or belief system. It is not bad enough that nearly the entire media establishment is patently obviously partisan against the Republican’s, we also have the entire Democrat party working in unison with the very biased media. 

It almost seems as though the Democrat party delivers talking points nightly to NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest, to be used the following day in their news commentary.

As if one thought this could not get any worse for the conservatives in our nation, we have an orchestrated, and ongoing coup attempt against this White House and President Trump. The coup, according to insiders, actually began less than 20-minutes after the President was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. 

If you add the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation, the continuous media abuse, the social media abuses (toward conservative free speech) to the attempted 2nd Amendment red flag laws, and pile all of that on top of a witch hunt impeachment trial, America has had about all she can take.

As with most presidential election years, the Democrats are once again hell-bent on dividing America’s social classes. The “evil-rich” people are the problem. Just like in Russia, the Democrats paint an entire class of people as the reason for our nation’s ills. 

To prove the point, simply study Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s positions on the economy, taxing the wealthy (or rather punishing the wealthy), and then blistering corporations with staggeringly high taxes. ‘

As bad as the divisional campaign rhetoric is coming from the left side of the political divide, nothing can compare to what is transpiring in Virginia today. 

As advertised by the left, they are going after guns in Virginia. The “Lover’s” states new Governor has decided (now that he has a Democrat majority in the statehouse and senate) that he will begin implementing much tighter gun control laws along with the seizing of all “so-called” assault weapons. These laws, in addition to the controversial “red-flag laws.” 

Along with a host of county Sheriff’s, the pro-gun, pro-second amendment (radicals) decided they would hold a rally on January 20th, 2020, at the Virginia Capital building. Virginia happens to be an “open-carry” state. The pro-gun group wants to hold the rally to show so much support for their rights, that the hope is, the legislature will back down on implementing any such gun restrictions or red-flag laws. By the way, “radicals” was said tongue in cheek! In addition, the pro-gun crowd wants the bulk of Virginia’s counties to become sanctuary counties for guns, and the Sheriff’s have agreed not to enforce any new laws coming from the legislature. 

The event happening today in Richmond, Virginia, has all the makings for another mass chaotic event such as occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, back in 2017. That event had a young woman dying in the riot over tearing down Southern Civil War statues. 

If today’s event was to be a peaceful one, the odds of that happening are now next to nil because the radical anarchist group ANTIFA has announced that they will be bussing in protesters to counter the NRA and the pro-second amendment groups. 

To pour yet more gasoline on this fire, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has decided to declare “A-State-Of-Emergency” for the event and ban all guns on the grounds of the capital. This is still more division being forced upon the law-abiding peaceful 2nd Amendment crowd.

The Democrats in this nation are threatening to near totally overhaul our healthcare industry, and in doing so, implement extraordinarily high taxes on the wealthy to pay for it. They are now very seriously threatening our constitutional rights to bear arms and are wanting to implement laws where due process is tossed out the window if an ex-wife wants to report you as a threat. They are going after our President in an almost unconstitutional manner with the kangaroo court that Adam Schiff held on the House of Representatives. And on top of all that, they are silencing us on social media and public events. 


If a revolt or revolution is what the Democrats seek, there is little doubt at this point that, that is exactly what they are or seem to be pushing for.

George Soros is without question one of the most dangerous people in our nation for our freedom and liberty.

Remember this; our friend (George Soros; again tongue in cheek) has stated many times that his greatest desire is to see America collapse in chaos, go bankrupt, and economically disintegrate. He has funded many of these organizations that seek the exact same thing. Groups like Black Lives Matter, the crowd that wears the pink pu**y hats, and dozens of other anarchist groups like ANTIFA are all bankrolled by George Soros’s group “Open-Society.”  

In reality, there is precious little difference between Open-Society and any other group seeking the destruction of our great nation. 

What is so amazing to me is that Soros has stated in interviews (mostly on YouTube) that it is America’s destruction that he seeks, yet he is able to live in upstate New York and operate organizations that foment chaos regularly in America’s streets. 

How much more division and anxiety the United States is willing to put up with is anyone’s guess, but personally speaking, I am betting it is not much more. 

We need to all pray that the event today being held in Richmond, Virginia goes well and it is peaceful. This situation today certainly has all the telltale signs of being a flashpoint that nobody wants.

By Ken Crow