America’s Response Should Be Swift and Profound To Iran

America’s Response Should Be Swift and Profound To Iran

AVN Staff
January 1, 2020

Once upon a time, if you were a citizen of the Roman Empire, you could travel anywhere in the world without fear of harm. If you were harmed in any fashion, the response from Rome was so overwhelming that every other nation on earth feared to confront a Roman citizen. This is the message that President Trump needs to send to Iran and the world. 

Yesterday’s attack by Iranian rebels against the American Embassy in Baghdad needs to be used as an example of “how not to protest” America or her property. 

Some six-thousand (crowd estimates) turned out to attack the United States Embassy in retaliation for the United States bombing of a Hezbollah compound  (and the death of terrorists) who were responsible for the murdering of a United States contractor. 

The following is a news report from France detailing the attacks that killed some 26 Hezbollah terrorists in retaliation for the murdering of the American contractor. 

It’s time to “De-Nuke” Iran:

For decades the Iranian government has threatened to deliver nuclear holocaust to Israel. In fact, as far back as the early 2000s, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad routinely threatened Israel with annihilation from nuclear weapons. 

It does not take a Nuclear Physicist or someone with a degree in Aerospace Engineering to calculate that Iran is closer today to possessing nuclear weapons than they were five or ten years ago. It is bad enough that North Korea might now officially possess nuclear weapons, and it is bad enough that Pakistan has joined the league of nuclear nations, but to have a government as radicalized as Iran with nukes merely is unthinkable. 

The difference between North Korea and Iran is actually striking.

The leadership of North Korea wants to live. They enjoy ruling their people and they enjoy threatening the West in order to get financial aid, food, and other benefits they have enjoyed over the years as a means of appeasement. 

However, as much as North Korea rattles its sabers, they are not nearly as dangerous as Iran for one simple reason. Iran’s threats are real because they are religiously driven. It is in their culture to enjoy “dying” for jihad or a cause. 

Iran is currently (and has since back in 1979) been led by religious leaders. Iran practices Shariah Law which means the Koran directs its legal system. Within the Koran are over 106 passages that direct Muhammad’s followers to eradicate, (bury, kill, murder or any other adjective you would like to use) Christians, Jews, and Infidels. Also within the Koran are very clear descriptions of the “payoff in paradise” you garner if you die while killing Jews, Christians, and Infidels. 

Something the West (meaning the United States and more Liberal leaning governments such as France) needs to understand is that this religion is not interested in cohabitating with us. They only seek our destruction. It is part of their religious doctrine! And until we get our arms around this reality, we are doomed to be terrorized by these religious zealots.

This means the minute that they can figure out how to deliver a nuclear weapon via a missile or aircraft, they will not hesitate to use it on downtown Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. 

Now would be the perfect excuse for the United States in conjunction with Israel’s Air Force to neutralize (bomb) Iran’s nuclear facilities. While we may not know where all of them are, we do know where most are located.

The attack (led by Iranian Rebels) on our Embassy in Iraq yesterday is an excuse that we can go to Vladimir Putin and legitimately claim the right to bomb Iran. Iran is and has been an ally of Russia, but something as grievous as what they did yesterday with the Ayatollah’s blessing is an act that even Putin most likely will not put up with nor expect us to accept.

In today’s headlines across Europe, the Ayatollah has even responded to President Trump’s threats of retaliation by saying “You Can’t Do a Damn Thing.” President Trump needs to now respond with “Wanna Bet, Watch This.”

The methods previously used in the Middle East were fairly simplistic and had phenomenal results. The United States Air Force and Navy first send in the “electronic jamming” aircraft which effectively “blinds” the Iranian military. They are escorted by fighter jets, but these aircraft are nearly 100% effective at jamming all radar installations. Then the stealth fighters are sent in to take out their radar capabilities in total. Once this is accomplished, then we send in the B-1 and B-2 bombers with the bunker-buster bombs. Iran has just been taken out for at least ten years from being able to manufacture a nuclear weapon. 

The other side benefit from doing this might very well be that the Iranian people rise up and decide to take back their government from the religious zealots which have been in control for some 30-years. 

If you asked me to predict what the President does, I have no idea, but I would almost wager a steak dinner on the scenario I just painted for you. 

One thing is for sure, President Trump does not make idle threats, and he telegraphed loud and clear (via Twitter) that he is not a happy camper. I would not want to be the Ayatollah a week from now. 

By Ken Crow