YUGE Best Describes Tonight’s Presidential Debate

YUGE Best Describes Tonight’s Presidential Debate

Ken Crow
October 22, 2020

One of President Trump’s favorite colorful adjectives is the word “YUGE.” And that description is spot on for the last debate before voting on November 3rd begins. There is no other way to describe the gravity of tonight’s debate between Joe Biden and President Trump other than to say “YUGE.” 

For the former Vice-President, he must appear as though he is in control, not produce “word-salad” answers, and present an image of being his own man and not someone who is a puppet of Barack Obama and VEEP candidate Senator Kamala Harris. 

For President Trump, his debate is going to be something akin to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s not Everest, but it is going to be tough for him. 

President Trump is at the stage of this election season political game where he must come across as composed, presidential, and non-combative. As we all remember, the first debate, most of the viewing audience walked away, thinking they had just watched a WWE cage-match instead of a Presidential Debate.

The first debate left America with an awful taste in their collective mouths.

There is little doubt that tonight’s debate will be a bit slanted in Biden’s favor. The hosting network for this debate is non-other than NBC (which is “yugely” biased toward the Democrat Party), and Kristen Welker moderates the debate. She is known for being a very liberal White House Correspondent for NBC.

According to the debate topics released by NBC and Welker, they are pretty much the same as the first debate.

The coronavirus, race, climate change, national security, US families, and leadership are the subjects to be discussed.

This poses a problem for the President because (as we all know), the elephant in the room is Hunter Biden’s computer, which the FBI has been sitting on for over a year. It has been confirmed that a treasure trove (if you’re a conservative Republican) of emails between Hunter and government officials in Ukraine, and China committed a very serious Quid-Pro-Quo by paying the son of Joe Biden huge sums of money for access to daddy and the United States Treasury Department. There are also substantiated rumors that the computer hard drive contained many sickening videos and photos of children engaged in heartbreaking acts that need not be discussed here.

The President feels as though if he can tie (mentally) Hunter’s gross corrupt negligence to his father’s very obvious influence peddling (for monetary gain) to the fact that a Communist Regime now compromises him, this will win the day for his re-election. 

According to those that I have personally spoken to (who have viewed this hard-drive), the evidence is so damning for Joe and Hunter Biden that it is no longer a question about whether the Chinese government all but owns the Biden family.

President Trump is very aware of what is on this laptop computer, and he is desperate to make America aware of it also. The fact is that the United States of America cannot have a President who has been compromised to this level as our Commander and Chief.

If only our media were as honest as Sky News is in Australia. 

Now the issue is, “how can President Trump inject this information” into a debate where NBC and Welker have put forth softball topics for America to watch and the candidates to answer?

Discussing the Corona Virus would have been an important topic 5-6 months ago. But today, we all know that Biden will claim Trump did a bad job of handling it, and Trump will claim he did a good job and now has managed world record developments of a vaccine due out soon. They will both agree that the economy is struggling. Trump will claim that through his guidance, he kept it from totally cratering. In contrast, Biden will say that his economy with Obama was much better. 

Somewhere in the midst of all of the back and forth, President Trump is going to have to figure out “how” to infuse this laptop issue without seeming that he is desperate to do so. If he can, and if he can voice the gravity of this grave national security issue, then he can tell America what the main-stream media refuses to do. The logical choice seems to be when Welker gets to the National Security portion.

Several things the President should do tonight: 

  • Remain poised and in control. Do not let his temper get the best of him; it doesn’t matter what is said or done. 
  • Be gracious and polite to the moderator. 
  • Don’t directly insult Joe Biden. 
  • Infuse humbleness into your answers and that you are appreciative of the American people for allowing you to be their President. 
  • Be positive about the future of our nation, but don’t be bragging or make boastful claims. 
  • Be understanding and compassionate about the toll this COVID has done to our nation. Be empathetic for the families of the victims and those who have lost businesses, etc…
  • Try to hang ANTIFA around Joe Biden’s neck… Please stay away from BLM because most people don’t know that it is funded by anarchist and George Soros.
  • Lastly, if Biden appears to be struggling and heading toward word-salad, let him continue, do not interrupt.  

If the President can accomplish the above, he will win, not just the debate, but his re-election in a landslide. If he cannot, then all bets are off for November 3. 

By Ken Crow