You Can Likely Blame Afghanistan on Hunter Biden

You Can Likely Blame Afghanistan on Hunter Biden

August 21, 2021, 12:45 AM

On the surface, this seems much like an outlandish statement. But is it?  To get to the truth of 'why' President Joe Biden acted so swiftly up to and including abandoning our Afghan advisors as well as thousands of American citizens in this war-torn nation, we might want to "deconstruct" this horrid event.  Why would a President of the United States take such swift and bold action to leave behind thousands of pieces of American ingenuity (our military hardware) worth some $80-Billion (according to most reports)? Why would a President (with dozens of advisors) make such a rash decision knowing (and he admitted this would cause chaos) the nation would dissolve into a crisis of epic proportions? You can look no further than one of the oldest tricks in the book known to mankind.  BLACKMAIL! OPINION: I do not think this is such as stretch after all. This is what we know for certain

  • Hunter Biden had a laptop computer. 
  • Hunter Biden's computer was left at a computer repair shop in Delaware. 
  • Hunter Biden's laptop computer was ultimately given to the FBI. 
  • Hunter Biden's laptop computer had its contents downloaded onto another computer before being given to the FBI.
  • While in China (we know this from the laptop contents and news sources), Hunter Biden had been paid staggering payoff's to have access to his (then Vice-President) father. But Hunter has a weakness. His weakness is that he is a (self-described and admitted) drug addict and a sex addict. 
  • Hunter had been videotaped having sex with underage (and it is very apparent on the sickening videos on his laptop) girls, as well as taking drugs and smoking crack cocaine.
  • These videos that China had recorded would be used against Hunter if he did not perform as China wanted him to.

*** WARNING *** This video is for mature audiences only! While many will claim the above to be fabrications, the facts are these. Many have now viewed the contents on Biden's laptop. Everyone has come away with the very same descriptions of its contents. Much of the video on the laptop was posted on Chinese websites last year and could not be posted here because they are x-rated. Yes, I, too, have seen them.  This story was largely squashed by very powerful people in our government. This is why it never made the mainstream media and was never shown on the NBC Nightly News or any other mainstream outlet. The same held for Ashley Biden's book detailing her childhood of incest and molestation at the hands of her father, Joe Biden. While this story did trickle out, it was never national headlines because of "who" her father was. These are the facts we know. 

  • Hunter Biden's laptop has video confirmation of the raping of young girls. Illegal drug use or at least (very damming publicity) of drug use. 
  • The Chinese are holding most if not all of these videos hostage to leverage the President of the United States.
  • The President's daughter has confirmed through her memoirs that the Biden family (to say the least) suffers from extreme perversion. 

Hypothetical Question; Or maybe not so hypothetically.  Why is it such a stretch to think that if you're China's President Xi, you can't pick up the phone, call the White House, and say to Biden, "get your ass out of Afghanistan now or else?" And therein lies the problem. The President to guard against national embarrassment, in dutch with the Chinese government. In other words, he is severely compromised If you do not believe this, then explain why in all that is good and holy, would a President with Pentagon advisors, White House advisors, and a trainload of other advisors ever in a million years, simply walk out, leaving behind 15,000 plus Americans and Afghan loyalist who helped our military for two decades? Why? You know that many in the White House had to be advising him not to do this. You know these Pentagon Generals were saying all along, "don't do this, Mr. President." Yet he did anyway.

Secretaries Do Your Duty: 
It is time the Cabinet Secretaries do their duty for this nation and invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this President. 

It is patently clear that one of two things is going on here. 

  1. Either the President's cognitive abilities are so diminished that he is unable to make sane and rational decisions that protect our nation, or those around him are giving him horrible advice. 
  2. The Chinese government actually does own this President and can order him at will. It's one or the other. 

What China has to do with the Afghan debacle? The entire globe knows that Iran finances the terror groups Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban. This is a known fact.  China and Iran are very close allies. China wanted Afghanistan for both strategic reasons to the Middle East as well as their enormous mineral deposits. We also know that China most likely declared war on America (through biological warfare involving the COVID pandemic). Now they have a safe cover to keep punishing America through terrorism without being directly linked to their activities. The Very Sad Truth; In the end, the unfortunate truth is, this President is likely compromised by his son to a very powerful enemy nation who has a vendetta against our nation for the severe economic punishment that President Trump inflicted on the country through his revised economic policies. Where America goes from here is anyone's guess. But one thing is obvious. The Taliban will not play fair, the Taliban is not a formal government, and they do not have the discipline a regular Army has. They have already begun slaughtering American loyalists and are going house to house to hunt and kill those who supported the United States and even American citizens.  America needs a President who is capable of leading, and sadly we do not currently have one. 

By Ken Crow, RAV Contributor