Will the CoronaVirus Change Americans Minds About Socialism?

Will the CoronaVirus Change Americans Minds About Socialism?

March 16, 2020, 1:45 PM

Welcome to Almost BernieVille

If the dreaded ‘coronavirus’ has accomplished nothing else positive for the United States, it might just be that it will forever change some Americans minds about the positive aspects of socialism. 

For those that wanted and sought a more socialist (fair) America, you’re now getting your wishes. Yes, indeed, a more socialist America is now transpiring almost daily. 

For those who wanted “crime” cleaned up and fewer guns, you’re getting your desires met because of corona. In New York and now Washington State, you’ll begin seeing the military parked at corners keeping those who are to remain in the zone in place, while those seeking to enter the township will be kept out. Just like Moscow from 1968.

This is the global map of the CoronaVirus confirmed cases along with deaths. It updates minute by minute.

You can now shop at Walmart and feel as though you’re in Venezuela. Empty shelves far as the eye can see. Oh, you needed toilet paper today, better grab a USA Today for that job because Kroger and HEB just ran out of toilet paper. Want to buy some fresh meat, sorry, your allotment number did not come up they ran out about an hour ago at the meat counter. Are you feeling the love the government gives you yet? 

In the “old” and “not so progressive” America, you could have flown out to grandma’s house in Salt Lake City. Grandma is a Mormon, and she has over a year’s worth of food and provisions in the basement. She even invited you out, but I regretfully inform you that as of the middle of this week, it looks like your caring socialist government will suspend all domestic air travel for your safety, of course. 

At grocery stores in Iowa, bottled water is being rationed to two cases per person. You are only allowed to purchase six kitchen cleaning products at a time. And now the Department of Homeland Security has leaked that they are planning on shutting down the Interstate Highway system so as to limit travel by citizens from one part of the nation to another. Are you feeling better about our new socialist government yet?

For all of you Bernie supporters and don’t forget Beto, Kamala, Elizabeth, and gang, this is just a thumbnail sketch of what you have been asking for. When you really get the full-blown socialist treatment, you will get told what career you can go into, earn the same as everyone else (no matter your production level), and you will even be told where you can live. This, in addition to the above.

For those of you who wanted to “remain free,” you will be held at gunpoint and told to stay home or else!

Nobody is allowed in or out of New Rochelle, New York. Troops have secured the entire city.

While much of this has been tongue in cheek, the fact is, this is a reality in today’s America because of the urgency to get our arms around this deadly virus.

Apparently, the only way to stop this virus is to isolate pockets across the nation and begin testing and holding everyone in place until they can get the spreading to stop. This might very well be what has to happen. Yes, it will be painful for a bit, but hopefully, they can save lives and put us back on track shortly. 

The amusing part of this tragedy is; the Bernie supporters are not happy about their travel restrictions and being told what time to be home and where they can and cannot go. But wait, I thought this was Utopia for this crowd? 

Hopefully, this small taste of what real socialism looks like will wake this group of brain-damaged idiots up, and we have seen the last of Mr. Bernie Sanders and his ilk.

By Ken Crow