Will Republicans hold the Senate?

Will Republicans hold the Senate?

Ken Crow
December 16, 2020

After the most contentious presidential campaign and vote count in American history, the United States capitalist system’s future appears to be coming down to Georgia.


Libertarians could be blamed for Trump’s loss in Georgia.

Many leftist Congressional representatives and Senators are licking their chops if the Democrat candidates Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff can pull off the daily double by knocking off the two incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue. The runoff election is slated for January 5. 

The Georgia ballots had been counted, then cries of foul came from the Republicans, so a recount was completed. Still not satisfied, a hand recount was then undertaken. Still, the results did not change enough to alter the results. Those being that a Republican President had lost Georgia for the first time in over 30 years. Not since former President Carter had carried his state in 1976 had a Republican lost this once very red state. 

Many on the right side of the aisle want to blame Trump’s loss in Georgia on voter fraud, the high humidity, the Falcon’s horrific season, and many other causes. The fact of the matter is that former Gubernatorial candidate and state lawmaker Stacey Abrams is the principal reason why President Trump lost Georgia. Like her, love her, hate her, this lady worked her butt off and registered some 800,000 new Democrats to voter rolls in the past two-years through her organization named “Fair Fight.” The hard truth is, the Democrats outworked and turned out voter numbers never before seen. They just flat out refused to lose in this election in Georgia.

Stacy Abrams has become the voice and face for a social justice warrior in Georgia.

Let me be perfectly clear; I am not claiming that there was no or zero voter fraud. In fact, there probably was. However, I do not know that there was enough to create a substantial difference in the outcome. That still doesn’t excuse it or allow for it, voter fraud is wrong, and if the authorities can find clear evidence of it, the guilty should be made to pay for it. In the end, those 800,000 new voters did make the largest difference. At least in DeKalb and Fulton Counties.

This begs the question, can Kelly Loeffler ride the coattails of President Trump to victory lane in this very tight race? The second question then has to be, does President Trump even have any coattails to ride?  The current 538-polling only has her with a 1% lead in this race.

So far, and throughout the 2020 campaign season, Loeffler has aligned herself tightly to the President. Even after the election, she jumped on and supported the White House’s fraud messaging, even though all the media and election officials in Georgia had denounced the claims. She even attacked the Secretary of State of Georgia, who is also a Republican, and called for his resignation. 

On the other hand, the much more seasoned Senator David Perdue has been somewhat distancing himself from the White House. When Loeffler went after election officials, Perdue stayed largely silent on the subject and gave the talking point that he was just watching it take its course, blah, blah, and blah. 

Both Republican candidates have charges of profiteering off of COVID stock transactions to the tune of millions of dollars. 

The political reality is this. The Republicans must win Georgia to stave off a full-on assault on our current way of life in America. If the Democrats win Georgia, you can bank on the fact that AOC (Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York City) and the squad will be pretty much writing the agenda for the next two years for both the White House and Capitol Hill. 

At least with a functioning Republican Senate, Leader Mitch McConnell can possibly stop the decimation of fracking, forcing the Green New Deal down America’s collective throat, and the banning of many of our guns. 

As to whether or not the GOP can hold the line in Georgia, before November 3rd, I would have said, “No Problem.” Today it is beginning to look like a coin flip.

Personally speaking, I think now would be a good time to pray very earnestly for the volunteers and the candidates on the GOP side of the aisle in Georgia. Our nation depends on it. 

By Ken Crow


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