Will Iran Will Be Trump’s Political Demise?

Will Iran Will Be Trump’s Political Demise?

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September 22, 2019

The United States Will Not Tolerate Another Middle-East War

One of the headlines this weekend on NBC’s website readU.S. to deploy military forces to Saudi Arabia, UAE after drone attacks on oil sites.

The past several months have seen the rhetoric between President Trump and the Iranian Ayatollah increasing on an almost daily basis. Iran seizes a British oil tanker, and we get Tweets about threatened military action. Iran bombs another oil tanker, and we get more Tweets or statements made to the press as the President walks out to Marine One on his way over to Andrews Air Force Base. That afternoon we hear of a statement made by the Ayatollah that if the United States reacts militarily, it will be Armageddon for the world. As the war of words continues, this is the issue at hand (in simple terms).

Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad threatens to erase Israel from the map in 2005. 

If Iran had threatened Israel once, it would be one thing. But Ahmadinejad did not stop there; he took his Israel destruction speech to the floor of the United Nations on multiple occasions. After the former Iranian leader left office, the rhetoric has continued along with the Iranian position of destroying Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as recently as 11-months ago has warned and shown the world that Iran in fact now is on the verge of having nuclear weapons.

This is currently the lay of the land in the Middle East.

  • The United States has pledged our support of Israel, “no matter what.”
  • The Iranian regime seeks the destruction of Israel through the development of nuclear weapons, and the world has little doubt that they will, in fact, use them if they can complete their development of weaponizing.
  • Iran’s disdain for Israel goes back centuries-long before Israel was created back in 1945. This is Biblical in nature going back to Abraham, Sarah, and the sending of the concubine and her son Ishmael into the wilderness. (Yes, this really does go that far back)
  • In modern times, the Iranian hatred for America goes back to when President Carter allowed the deposed Shah of Iran to come to America for medical treatment for his cancer when Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to publically murder him on the streets of Tehran shortly after the revolution back in 1978.
  • The United States are very close allies with Saudi Arabia.
  • Iran disagrees religiously with Saudi Arabia.
  • Iran is angry at the economic sanctions the United States has imposed on their nation, and it is apparently severely crippling their economy. This is being done because Iran refuses to cancel its nuclear programs.
  • Iran lashes out by seizing oil tankers, bombing more oil tankers, then finally sending drones into Saudi Arabia because of our ties to the Kingdom.

Now that you’re up to speed let’s see “why” the President is sending troops to Saudi Arabia and where this will probably lead.

Back in 1981, a movie was made named “Roll-Over.” The film starred Jane Fonda and Kris Kristofferson. While there was a ‘love-theme’ involved, some greed, and some tension, the underlying theme was this. What happens if Saudi Arabia decides to “dump the bonds it holds” on the world market? The bonds in question is, of course, the American debt the Saudi’s have purchased with their immense oil wealth.

The truth is, this movie is not very far off base from reality in real-time. The Saudi Royal Family is currently holding hundreds of billions and very likely trillions worth of bonds that are America’s debt. The unfortunate but political truth is, yes, Saudi Arabia can and is holding the United States economically hostage because of our staggering debt. This is also the problem that President Trump is facing with China. China is currently bullying the United States because it can. To throw a little salt on those wounds, this is one of the reasons North Korea is firing test missiles across the bow of Japan. We also owe Japan hundreds of billions and possibly trillions of dollars as well. North Korea knows that Japan will force the United States into defending her also.

While the United States has become energy independent from Saudi Arabia, we most certainly have not become economically independent.

Therein lies the issue for President Trump. The entire world knows that the American people do not want another war. They know that America has been bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade, and we want out! They also know that if Trump engages the United States in a war, it will likely be the end of his tenure as President of these United States. This gives the Ace of Spades to China in our poker game.

China tells the North Korean Dictator to fire off a couple of missiles every couple of weeks to rattle our cages knowing we cannot and will not do anything about it because all China has to do is announce that they are dumping bonds and our economy and dollar collapse overnight. We are broke and broken if China does that.

While the United States may hold the most powerful military on the planet, we are, in fact, a paper dragon in terms of real power. The real power lies with those that hold our debt in the palm of their hand. At any moment, one of them can announce that they have lost faith in America and are dumping trillions of dollars worth of bonds on the market and the United States becomes in effect Venezuela overnight.

Iran attacked Saudi Arabia; the Royal Family picked up the phone, and Uncle Sam is on the way.

The sad truth is, this might very well be President Trump’s final curtain call if we go into the Kingdom, But the uglier truth is, Trump doesn’t have any choice.

As the Holy Bible says; “The borrower will be a slave to the lender.”

By KWCrow


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