Will America Be Tricked Into Voting For True Racism?

Will America Be Tricked Into Voting For True Racism?

America's Voice Admin
October 28, 2020

For nearly five-years, all we have heard is, “Trump is a racist.”

The Orange Man is bad because he hates minorities. He locks minority children in cages, and you know the rest. These are the charges the left have hurled at the President since his inauguration, and even before he was sworn in.

Looking at the charges of racism and being a misogynist, one might want to do some research. According to Zippia (A recruiting company), the Trump Organization is 38.7% female and 44.7% ethnic minorities. In New York City alone, he has over 4,000 employees. As a side note, his company is rated at 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 to work for. If President Trump were a racist, he would not have nearly half the workforce be minority employees. Keep in mind that Trump owns nearly 500 corporations, and it said that some 50 of his top executives are African-American women. 

Yet, with all of the evidence pointing toward the fact that Trump is NOT a RACIST, the Democrats have managed to sell this message to the American people. The Republicans say nothing to defend the President. Why?

One reason is that the Democrat Party are Grand Masters at marketing and messaging while the Republicans can barely manage to tie their shoes in the morning. The Democrats simply come with a narrative (IE: Trump is a racist), and they keep beating that drum until the message is sold. It is classic textbook propaganda taken from  Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda) playbook. Goebbels, most famous quote of; “If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” And this is precisely what the Democrats do. 

So you think the American people are wise and informed enough to not buy into the Democrats propaganda? Think again!

Personal Family Admission; 

I have a daughter, college-educated, late 30s, mother, wife, lives in the suburbs, and has a six-figure income. My daughter was raised on Rush Limbaugh, had been a conservative since her late teens. So far, so good, right? 

I received a message from her last week that she had voted for Biden!

I was summarily informed that the “Bad Orange Man” was a “misogynist, racists, ego-maniac, tax-evader, impulsive, narcissist who only cared about rich people and corporate greed. Joe Biden cared about her and her pandemic plight in Northern California. (She lives just above the Bay Area in wine country.) Those dozens of conversations I had with her had fallen on deaf ears; she had bought into the Democrat talking point narrative. My own daughter had been converted to a snowflake. 

The same has held true for my own sister. I have a sister who is educated, late sixties, lives in Southern California, and is a Biden supporter. She worked for a school system and is now retired. My own flesh and blood believe that Trump built the cages and decided to imprison children because he is a racist. I kid you not! On top of that, she has bought (hook-line-and-sinker) that Trump wants to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.

In both cases, these two women believe that Trump is a jerk and plain old don’t like his Tweets, thoughts, etc… Yes, I tried in vain to educate them, and it was to no avail. 

And therein lies the problem for the Republican Party. We suck at messaging, pure and simple. 

I am convinced that if President Trump loses this election, it will be primarily because of the above reasons. It will be because we simply are outmaneuvered and out messaged.

Racism has been at the forefront of the election going back over 4-years. All the while, the truth of the matter is, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the true racists.

Remember it was Joe Biden, who laid praises on Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia at his funeral services. Remember also that it was Senator Byrd who was a Grand Wizard in the KKK, yet Biden heaped nothing but love and admiration upon this racist demagogue at his services. 

Keep in mind that this is a candidate who not only “praised” a KKK Grand Wizard but also supports Black Lives Matter, who he knows is being funded by an anti-American anarchist who seeks to destroy this great nation. 

I think we all should remind ourselves of just a “few” of the many, many racists comments Mr. Biden has made over the years. 

If attempting to justify a vote against the “Bad Orange Man” you’re going to use racism, you need to rethink your positions. Vote against Trump because he is loud and “not very presidential,” but don’t vote against him because he is a racist. He is not!

America; I have long said that many in our nation suffer from something called “normalcy bias.” In other words, you don’t believe it can happen here. You need to believe this, “IT CAN HAPPEN HERE,” and it is happening here. We can become a socialist nation, and you’re watching it happen before your very eyes. 

Joe Biden is much like saltwater taffy. You can pull him, push him, contort his opinions, and direct which way he goes. Joe Biden will be powerless against Kamala Harris. Harris will have AOC + Three whipped into a frenzy and Pelosi in her aged mind, and Joe in his aged mind will do whatever they are directed to do. This means SOCIALISM for our nation. 

The entire Democrat Party spent this campaign season talking about Medicare for all. I submit that you need to read this article in the Salt Lake Tribune about how Utah is about to begin rationing ICU care in that state. Please read it carefully because it is truly frightening. This is what we have to look forward to if you elect Joe Biden. 

We will get rationed healthcare, we will have law enforcement knocking on doors and taking our guns, we will have much higher taxes, and we will have a severely depleted military. Is this really what you want, America? 

By Ken Crow ###