Warren Trashes Bloomberg and Trump Wins Democrat Debate

Warren Trashes Bloomberg and Trump Wins Democrat Debate

AVN Staff
February 20, 2020

Bank vaults full of cash can purchase you many things in life. In fact, it can even purchase you a spot in a presidential debate with the Democrat Party. 

The thing that all that cash cannot purchase you is a refuge from a “MeTo” movement leader who is intent on exposing your rather sketchy past during a live debate in front of millions of people. Last night’s Democrat Debate had five experienced politicos with recent debate and campaign experience who were used to live fire in political wartime conditions. In addition to the five battle-tested warriors, it also had a highly protected multi-billionaire with zero recent political experience who appeared to feel like General Custer at Little Bighorn.

Up until last night, New York City’s former Mayor and media mogul gazillionaire Michael Bloomberg had been running a pretty effective campaign.

The campaign was working mainly because it consisted of a blitzkrieg of highly produced ads by Madison Avenue marketing agencies and a staff of overpaid campaign operatives. Up until last night, the tally for Bloomberg had already smothered the field by spending upwards of $400,000,000.00 in the upcoming Super-Tuesday states. That spending had Bloomberg somewhere around 3rd place in the Democrat polling, with more trainloads of cash and multi-media advertising to come. Then Bloomberg, for all intents and purposes, tanked his presidential hopes by walking into the lion’s den. 

Forget the snowflake commentary at the end of the video. Still, the one thing she did correctly identify was the fact that Senator Elizabeth Warren did dismantle Mayor Bloomberg’s $400M investment into presidential politics. Not only do the Warren fan club members thank you, Liz, but so do the Trump supporters, and I am pretty sure the President himself thanks you also. Job well done! 

The exciting thing about this debate (other than the piling on of Bloomberg by the other five contenders), was the slamming of Mayor Pete by Senator Amy Klobuchar. She repeatedly nailed the Mayor for his lack of foreign policy experience. 

If last night’s debate proved anything, it proved that these six hopeful’s are light-weights and are about to be eaten alive by President Donald J. Trump.

Let’s take a look at what a campaign might look like against Trump for these six Democrats. 

Vice-President Joe Biden; This would be a Ukraine political blood-bath for the former Vice-President. When Trump was finished with Ukraine, he would then tie Obama’s many misdeeds around his neck and toss him in the political sea to sink forever into the abyss. As they say down South, Trump would all over Joe like a duck on a Junebug.

Senator Elizabeth Warren; Pocahontas! Need I say more?

Mayor Pete; Knowing President Trump’s pension for not being politically correct and his smirking when he tosses the barbs out, you can only imagine how many one-liners the President would make regarding the beauty of our current First-Lady and the potential of having a First Gentleman in the White House. Toss in his abysmal record as Mayor of a small town in the midwest versus being able to govern the entire county, and you have something akin to a hungry lion eating a freshly caught bunny. 

Mayor Bloomberg; Only the Saturday Night Live script comedy writers might be able to come up with more material than President Trump could come up with for this contest. Mini-Mike will be eviscerated by Trump for his Coke taxes, and all the rest of Bloomberg’s failed idiotic policies as Mayor. Trump will blow through Bloomberg like a Great White Shark feeding frenzy with fresh chum in the water. 

Senator Bernie (Crazy Uncle from the attic) Sanders; When President Trump finishes with Sanders, America will think and believe that Bernie just left Venezuela to run for the White House. There is so much material here for Trump that he has to be licking his chops like a Labrador in front of a meat counter at Safeway. 

Bernie Sanders actually had the audacity last night to claim that taking our medical system over the cliff toward socialized medicine would save the United States some four-hundred billion dollars a year. I can only imagine what the President would have to say about that. How a $60-Trillion healthcare plan saves money every year is anyone’s guess, but that too was spoon-fed to the American people last night. 

If last night’s debate showed America anything, it showed us all just how inept and dangerous the Democrat Party is for our nation. 

It’s now time to sit back, grab the popcorn while wearing your MAGA hat, and relish in the thought of “four-more-years.” 


By Ken Crow

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