US Navy Trains with Allies to Counter Persian Gulf Tensions with Iran

▶️ U.S. and British helicopters take off from Britain’s Navy Royal Fleet landing ship in Persian Gulf waters, Tuesday, November 5.

The U.S. Navy, with allied nations, Britain, Australia, and others, prepare and train to “protect navigation” in the Persian Gulf region.

The training was held during the International Maritime Exercise (IMX) held in the Persian Gulf waters off Bahrain, to counter tensions in the region’s troubled waterways after a number of commercial vessels were attacked in the Gulf.

The U.S. and other Persian Gulf nations, including Saudi Arabia, have named Iran responsible for the attacked vessels.

👉 Further increasing tensions, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced Tuesday that Iran would begin injecting gas into centrifuges at one of the country’s uranium enrichment facilities, the latest in steps that go against what it agreed to in a 2015 agreement on its nuclear program.