Trump would have a 100 percent approval rating – if he was a Democrat

Trump would have a 100 percent approval rating – if he was a Democrat

America's Voice Admin
October 19, 2020

Let us assume for a moment that President Trump was a Democrat seeking reelection against Republican Joe Biden.  The narrative by the Democrat controlled media, which is supposed to be unbiased and only report the facts, would be entirely different.

During the time of the Republican Trump presidency, Newsbusters tallied a recent report showing 96 percent of the mainstream media reports were negative.  During a Trump presidency as a Democrat, the negative reporting would have been replaced easily by glossy reports of accomplishments and successes.  The media would be championing the best economy ever in American history prior to the recent pandemic and still, even with that, the media would be raving about the recent V-shape recovery showing the best economic growth during the recovery. Likewise, the media would have pointed that during the time Biden was in office, the economic growth of GDP never acceded 3 % for the first time since the Great Depression.

The media would have been highlighting President Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus and his quick response to save the lives of over 2 million Americans as original estimates had 2.2 million Americans dying.  The media would have criticized the weak response of Biden and how he criticized Trump’s response as xenophobic and racist.

The media would be raving about President Trump being bold and strong and how he is the first president not to engage in an international conflict in 39 years; but has brought American troops home while destroying ISIS and killing international terrorists.  The media would have criticized Biden has weak and indecisive as he has been apprehensive and against action to kill terrorists leaders.

The media would be portraying President Trump as honest and a president who made promises and then kept his promises.  They would see him as transparent and willing to answer questions and show a list of Supreme Court candidates while Biden avoids answering questions and leaves his agenda in secret.  They would point out how Trump has more accomplishments in 47 months than what Biden has in 47 years and that Trump donates his presidential salary to charity for many causes including our veterans while Biden used his position to enrich his family and himself according to recent discovered emails, which would be criminal.

The media would praise President Trump as the friendliest president ever to Black America since Lincoln, providing Opportunity Zones, Prison Reform, funding Black Colleges, record low unemployment for Black America and all minorities, as well as his desire to provide school choice for low income Americans.  The media would have plenty of ammunition to fire at Biden as a racist with his connection and praises for a former KKK recruiter, Robert Byrd as well as policies and disparaging comments to those in the black community as “a racial jungle”, “predators” and “roaches”.

The media would be raving about President Trump’s energy and how he is strong as a leader and in great health.  How he never takes a vacation except an occasional round of golf.  They would call his rallies, supporters, and the movement with phrases like “Trumpmania” with an excitement in the air.  With Biden, they would call his moment nonexistent and dull with the excitement of taking a school exam.  There would be questions about his health and frail condition to lead as president.  There would be question about his gaffs and inability to remember as well as creepy moments of his inappropriate touching of young girls.

The media would be taking the task to verbally spank Biden in the previous administration with the Trump-Russian Hoax after it was revealed it was politically motivated.  The media would be comparing his involvement to the scandals of Watergate.  There would be questions if he by chance would be elected if he would be impeached and face prison for corruption.

If President Trump were a Democrat, his approval would be approaching 100 percent, if that is even possible, since even Biden would be forced to recognize he has no chance to win and concede even before Election Day.

Oh how things would be different if we had an honest media or if President Trump would have just been a Democrat.

By Frank Aquila


Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.”  He can be emailed at