Trump Says He is “Not Worried” About Short-Range Missiles Fired by North Korea

President Donald Trump said Thursday, August 1, he was not worried about missiles being tested by North Korea, calling them very standard, short-range devices.
North Korea has carried out a new projectile launch, U.S. officials said Thursday, adding that initial information indicated it was similar to two other short-range missile tests by Pyongyang in the past eight days.
U.S. President Donald Trump, who has been hoping to revive denuclearization talks with North Korea, played down the launches when asked about them at the White House, telling
reporters he was not worried as they were short-range missiles and “very standard” and he was still open to negotiations.
South Korea’s military said unidentified short-range projectiles were fired at 2:59 a.m. and 3:23 a.m. local time Friday, from North Korea’s South Hamgyong Province into the East Sea.