Trump Galvanized His Base With SCOTUS Nomination

Trump Galvanized His Base With SCOTUS Nomination

September 27, 2020, 1:28 PM

If you listened closely yesterday around 5:00 PM East Coast Time, you could hear off in the distance screams of pain emanating from Albany to Seattle and from Minneapolis to Dallas. Oh, the pain of it all!

The snowflake Democrats were gnashing teeth and groaning in apparent agony as President Donald J. Trump nominated someone to the highest court in the land who is arguably the most transparent Christian ever to sit on the bench if she can navigate the Senate.

If Donald Trump’s conservative chops were still in question as of yesterday afternoon, any doubt as to his Christian convictions was laid to rest with this nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. 

As promised over the past week or two, the President has kept yet another pledge from his 2015-2016 campaign. He has, in fact, nominated yet another conservative Christian to the bench. 

If you thought for a minute that the nominations of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh had brutal Senate confirmations, just wait until the hearings begin for Judge Barrett. While Judge Barrett has already endured (and was approved) by the Senate for her 7th Circuit appointment, this time could be vastly different in terms of Senate grilling. The reason being is that this appointment to the high court means that the configuration of the court will be leaning conservative in all rulings for at least the next generation.

What affects President Trump’s appointment to the Supreme Court will have on the upcoming elections for Senators serving in more liberal states could become very problematic for the incumbent trying to retain their Senate seat. 

A tight election such as Cory Garner’s in Colorado (which has become a blue state) could come back to haunt him if he votes to seat Judge Barrett. The same is true of Susan Collins in Maine. These Republican Senators are caught in a cross-fire between towing party lines and supporting the President or going rogue to save their own political careers in their respective states.

As for the President and those Senators in more conservative-leaning states, this appointment pretty much galvanizes the base.

Any doubts that 2016 Trump supporters had about the President’s “true” Christian leanings were just squashed with yesterday’s formal nomination announcement. Hypothetically, this announcement also puts a tremendous amount of emotional pressure on those who claim to be Christian and typically vote Democrat. They are now faced with “do I vote my faith, or do I vote my left-leaning agenda?”

How a Republican Senator could ever vote against Judge Barrett is beyond me.

What you will likely see in these upcoming hearings is the Democrats derailing. They will most likely commit an entire carpet-bombing campaign on the Judge in an attempt to discredit her in the American people’s eyes. The Dem’s need to be very careful, though, because Amy Coney Barrett comes across as the pro-type Middle-Class American mom who loves God, her children, family, and country. If they become anything close to where they were at with the Kavanaugh hearings, the Democrats will commit political suicide with this lady. 

Since football season is back, a grid-iron analogy is best used here. What the President did yesterday was throw a 50-yard bomb downfield, it was caught, and the game was won in the last 12-seconds.

With the Democrats promising to stack the court with many more Justices and do away with a 250-year tradition of the electoral college, they have sent shivers down the spines of millions of Americans who want a Constitutional adherence government. Real Americans know better than to allow this.  

President Trump has locked down his base, picked up countless fence leaners, and scored with conservative Democrats who are afraid of the socialists who have taken over the Democrat party. This nomination just pretty much secured a Trump victory going into the final days of this campaign for his re-election.

The election is now Trump’s to lose, not Biden and Democrats winning on merit.

By Ken Crow


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