Trump delivers big time after unexpected election

Trump delivers big time after unexpected election

AVN Staff
December 30, 2019

A few things come into sharp focus as the Teens wind to a close and we embark upon a new decade.

The first is that President Trump has delivered since his unexpected election.

Upon arrival, the brash billionaire with a backbone told self-serving globalists who hung the working class out to dry for decades to take a hike.

What’s happened is a monumental power shift from tone-deaf coastal elites — with their cushy lifestyles and luxury trips to Davos, on private jets of course — to the “forgotten” man, those millions of Americans who actually do the real work of keeping our nation and economy afloat.

Trump spent his career building skyscrapers, hotels and other brick-and-mortar properties around the world, employing thousands in the private sector. As a result, he’s always understood and respected construction workers and other everyday Americans who built this country.

He’s a natural fit to lead a movement that represents the working class in this decades-in-the-making populist uprising.

To the left’s dismay, he’s delivered in spades.

Three years into his presidency we’re experiencing a golden age of prosperity.

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