Tom Fitton @ CPAC 2017: Obama’s DOJ, Illegal Wiretapping of Trump Team, Election Integrity

JW President Tom Fitton appeared at CPAC 2017 to discuss taking on corruption and abuse in government …and why JW’s work is more important than ever.


“The Justice Dept. was absolutely ruined by President Obama”

“In many ways his administration is still in place, with appointees and staffers leftover as part of an alt-government.”

“General Flynn did nothing wrong, he was WRONGED.”

“President Obama and his team wiretapped President Trump and his team after the conclusion of the election. On what basis?”

“It’s not about Russian connections, it’s about illegal wiretapping of the Trump organization through an out-of-control Justice Department & Obama administration—and they are leaking the results of the classified wiretapping in a way that harms our national security and tries to destroy their political enemies.”

“We are on the side of American voters who are having their votes stolen from them by the millions through voter fraud.”

“Only in Washington is it revolutionary to fully-enforce the rule of law.”

“Washington doesn’t want what the American people want.”