The Reason MSM Kisses Traitor John McCain’s @$$. He Armed ISIS For Obama! 1969 Tokyo Rose Recording!

Original Title of this video when posted: This is Why No Name is Being Kumbaya’d By The Mockingbird MSM | No Name & Hussein Admit to Arming IS
The Operation Mockingbird press and the media are going overboard with their eulogizing, memorializing and praise of John McCain as a. American War hero. Why such fanfare for a supposed “conservative” and Republican? I give my reasons why in this video.


Absolute Circumstantial Proof/Evidence that McCain and Obama armed, trained and supported our enemy, ISIS to usher in WW3 with Russia and Middle East.


Know More News Excellent Breakdown from 2 years ago!

Marine calls for McCain’s Arrest for treason:

Recording of Songbird McCain praising the Communist Vietnamese:

Vets and POWs Expose McCain:

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