The Great Reset; How Much Do You Know & Should You Be Frightened?

The Great Reset; How Much Do You Know & Should You Be Frightened?

Ken Crow
November 17, 2020

I’ll tell this story again, but I will make it brief. 

One Sunday night last January, I received a phone call from one of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s most senior campaign officials. She was phoning me to inquire whether I would be willing to support the Senator in the Iowa Caucuses.

After nearly choking on my iced-tea, I asked her a couple of questions, “how do you plan on paying for free-college, free-medical care, etc., for everyone in this nation?” It was then that the conversation transformed from almost laughable to very frightening. 

This young ideological lady proceeded to explain to me that Senator Warren (if elected President) would be “seizing the wealth of America’s Billionaires, and multi-Millionaires.” She went on to explain how Warren had already drafted the Executive Orders to “freeze” all bank accounts of the uber-wealthy so that the Government could seize their private wealth shortly after she had been sworn in as President. 

Stunned would be an understatement. 

I began thinking back to Senator Bernie Sanders campaign pledges, then I look at the Green New Deal, plus what Warren and the rest of the far-left factions of the Democrat Party have preached for years now it begins to make sense. 

One last question for the young ideologue; “what gives you the right to waltz in and snatch up Jeff Bezos’s, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet’s, or Charles Koch’s private bank accounts?” Her answer; “because they do not need that much to live.” 

Normally, I am one that runs from most things that the fire-breathing Alex Jones has to say. But yesterday, he made a few points in Washington D.C. at the Trump Rally that struck me. Basically, he drew a contrast between President Trump and Joe Biden/Kamala Harris using his normal “Globalist rhetoric.” Yesterday, it began making perfect sense, particularly since I have run across the new “Global Reset Information.” 

In a nutshell, this is what is happening in America. 

The World Economic Forum was to have been held in Davos, Switzerland in January 2021, but it has now been postponed to May 18 to 21 in Lucerne. Attending this forum is the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the United Nations, Prince Charles and many other high profile world leaders, and a bunch from Third World Nations who is not so high-profile. The subject of this forum is to cause a global economic “reset.” In horse-sense lingo, this means they are working out how to strip the wealth from those individuals and nations who have it and redistribute to those who do not have it. The horrifying part? They’re using COVID to achieve their goal! 

Now it all makes sense. For several years, I have wondered, “why does everyone hate Donald Trump?” Then I looked around and see who it is that hates President Trump. The Bernie Sanders, AOC’s, Elizabeth Warren’s of the world, is who hates him in the United States. Then we have the tech giants like Zuckerberg, Jack at Twitter, and the rest who hate him. Why? And the amazing part is that these very socialist globalists will strip them of their excess billions, yet they still subscribe to socialism.

According to the World Economic ForumThe great reset must place social justice at its center. I’ll leave you to ponder that bit of information, but you can pretty well guess what they are referring to. It is all explained in the linked article on the Forum’s website above. 

Dominion Software is what counted our votes;

Please watch this short video from the Lou Dobbs program regarding Dominion software.

Before you think or believe that I have adorned myself with a tin-foil-hat, you need to watch this! 

Now it’s time to begin tying all of this together. 

For the globalist to truly takeover, they have to make the world dependent on government; thus, they can control the masses. 

To accomplish any of the above, they have to crash the economic power of the free world. IE: The United States, the British Commonwealth, the Euro (IE: Germany, Italy, France, etc.)… The easiest way to accomplish this is by taking down America because most of the West and the free-world go with us when we go.

Lest you think for a moment that I have lost my mind and fallen prey to the dreaded tin-foil, I recommend you read the World Economic Forum website for yourselves.

For the globalist to accomplish anything, they had to get rid of President Donald Trump. This goes without saying. To accomplish this, they needed two things to happen. They needed to skew the election with election fraud; then, they needed their puppet to take his place. 


You heard Sidney Powell discussing it in the above video. While the mainstream press is trying desperately to downplay this illegal foreign interference in our election, it doesn’t mean that it is not true. 

The fact is, it is true, and it wasn’t China or Russia that played such a role; it was the various states election commission’s, Governors, and Secretary of States that played the role by purchasing Dominion for the elections. 

When President Trump campaigned and told us that we were literally fighting for our very survival as a free Republic, he was not kidding. When he campaigned and said, “open up our economy again,” he was not kidding. 

Keep this in mind, America. We know that Joe Biden arm-twisted Ukraine for his son to obtain a very high-paying job with no experience. We also know that Joe Biden was used by the Chinese government and then held economic hostage by the Chinese because of his son’s idiocy while in China. Nevertheless, they have him over a “blackmail” wheelbarrow if and when they want or need American “whatever.” This we know, and it is to the tune of over a billion dollars. 

Simply connect the dots, America. The Chinese own Joe Biden. The Chinese developed a biological warfare agent known as COVID-19 or CoronaVirus. The Chinese unleash this on Europe and America in a massive way. We shut down, Europe shuts down, people die, and the economies tank globally. 

Now the evil guys are in a position to seize control of all of it. They pay us a stipend; they now control it all because now we are enslaved to the government for our very survival. 

Normally, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t buy into 9/10ths of the theories running rampant. But folks, this is just too much smoke to be a coincidence.

What are your thoughts? Do you truly believe in the “Great Reset” of wealth stripping? What about COVID to accomplish this?  Please feel free to comment below. I and the world would love to know what you think in the comments below.

By Ken Crow