The Democrat Presidential Pretenders

The Democrat Presidential Pretenders

July 21, 2019, 12:23 AM

When John F Kennedy became president he stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country.”

Today, Democrat presidential candidates might as well be stating, “Ask what your country can do for you- and not what you can do for your country and I will promise to give it to you.”

Democrats have promised more freebies speaking in both English and Spanish. They have sold out America with Open Borders knowing there will be a rush to the border of all for more freebies, which ultimately would plunge America into a third world nation of poor dependent people voting for the government to take care of them. In essence, more Democrat voters.

These Democrat presidential pretenders will say and do anything to get votes.

Elizabeth Warren is a white woman pretending to be Indian. Robert Francis O’Rourke is an Irishman going by “Beto” pretending to be Hispanic. Kamala Harris has a Jamaican father and a mother from India pretending to be African American.

Bernie Sanders is a millionaire pretending to hate millionaires. Joe Biden, an old white man, pretending to be embarrassed to be white. All would be shamed by John F Kennedy for selling out America, vowing to provide free healthcare for illegal aliens, bashing law enforcement, promising to raise taxes, and promoting open the border for anyone to come into America with a promise of free college and free government handouts knowing such socialist policies will cause the collapse of our nation. (See Venezuela) Still, every single Democrat is in favor of partial-birth abortion, where the baby is butchered even during the delivery stage. Even if the baby survived, the child is left to die, crying up to three hours after birth until the baby dies.

Kamala Harris and other Democrat hopefuls have proposed reparations to African-Americans, falsely portraying herself to have African-American in her, which she doesn’t unless you would refer to her sexual exploration at 29 years old with Willie Brown, a married 60 year old African-American politician who elevated Harris into the political scene. She pretended she was “that girl” who was bussed, which was not true. Ironically, Harris’ family was slave owners of African Americans in Jamaica. Such proposals of reparations would cost an estimated 9-17 trillion dollars.

Elizabeth Warren has called for reparations for gays, claiming our government owes them more than $50 million for the years of a discriminatory tax code.

Bernie Sanders, who lived in his mother’s basement until his early forties, never held a private sector job. He was a radical protester who had been arrested by the police for throwing eggs. He would fit right in with the ANTIFA thugs today.

Sanders, Warren, and Harris each have called for removing Americans from private insurance and forcing all into a one-size-fits-all Medicare for all government schemes.

So why should 250 million Americans who have private health insurance give up their insurance to allow illegal aliens and those who don’t have insurance destroy the system for most of America?

Then you have Joe Biden, who has been exposed for his support of segregationist, conducted the eulogy for Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd, who was the president of the Democratic Senate and a recruiter for the Klan. Biden too is supporting free health care, free college, reparations, and free Obama phones. He stated he wants mandatory confiscation of guns and wants to put “insurance executives in jail for misleading advertising.” That is coming from the same administration (Obamacare) that said, “You can keep your insurance.”

Biden will also have some explaining to do when there are federal indictments from the probe against Trump, which the Washington Post revealed as vice president, he had been in meetings knowing the unlawful surveillance prior to the 2016 presidential election to prevent Donald Trump to become president.

When Biden’s son, Hunter, who had been paid millions and had a $50,000 per month salary on the board of a corrupt energy company, Joe Biden had Ukraine’s top prosecutor fired while he was investigating lucrative deals and corruptions. Biden even bragged (on tape) how he got the prosecutor fired, abusing his power by threatening to have the United States withhold $1 billion in loans guaranteed for Ukraine if the Ukraine government did not stop the investigation and fire the prosecutor.

These Democratic presidential pretenders will pretend to be anyone or anything to get elected. They will try to manipulate the voters and sellout America for votes, which is a far cry from what JFK infamously once said.

By Frank Aquila
Frank is the president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere”. He can be emailed at