AVN Staff
April 21, 2020


This coming presidential elections is perhaps the single most significant election in American political history. It is not an understatement to acknowledge that this election is one of the most salient decisions America has ever been tasked to decode and decide. In fact, one is on secure ground to assert that the derisiveness over issues just prior to the American Civil War were less derisive, less schismatic, less intense, and not as multifaceted as the issues currently dividing Americans. Moreover, It is also a reasonable assertion, to reference that the divide, including the religious, ideological and geographical derisiveness of the Great Schism of 1054 AD, between Rome and Constantinople was not as dramatic or ideologically disturbing as the rifts associated with this upcoming 2020 American Presidential election.

The results of this election are extremely tremendous and inordinately vast in the underpinnings of American political policy, cultural direction, and traditional western Christian value system.

The Trump Administration has corrected the great American ship of state to sail with the traditional winds of American values. On the opposing side, the modern liberal democratic socialist party continues to maintain unprecedented immigration, open borders, racial identity politics and to dismantle of the traditional American value system and present social structures. This rift presently appears to be irreconcilable and unresolvable. This means a political fight to the finish and no prisoners taken. As in the American Civil War one side must prevail. 

The battle lines are keenly and brightly drawn, in such a manner, that there exists little room for doubt, fence-sitting or evasiveness.

Political bystanders are now taking sides, political moderates are accepting the obligation to accept more responsibility in this great American ideological rift. In this political battle, only one side can ultimately prevail, either controlled, regulated and supervised sovereignty regarding American borders or chaotic open borders and uncontrolled immigration, either open and plentiful abortions or a regulated system which encourages pro-life, either a multi-cultural, anti-western, anti-Christian, cultural relativism or a pro-Christian, pro-Western value system and truly free-enterprise market-oriented economic system, either a government-oriented Maoist civil, political and militaristic state or a private property-oriented strong middle-class, Christian-based value system, including small government, either a centralized government controlled educational system or a locally supervised educational system allowing for the option of private religiously oriented school programs. Have the battle standards for both sides have been unfurled and only one side can prevail. 

The culmination of the decades long American cultural wars has come to the point of a mighty wind of conflict focused in the 2020 Presidential election.

Both sides understand this is a key turning point in American history. The great day of decision for America is fast approaching. If the liberal social Democrats are victorious the likely result will be open borders, more immigration, more cultural relativism, the re-education of Americans and the further dismantling of America’s historical Christian heritage and roots, more centralized government, government control, and taxation. Cultural relativism and moral relativism will replace the doctrines of Manifest Destiny and Divine Providence.

Trump supporters believe the divine hand of providence chose the president to assist and lead the American people to restore the central mission of America.

This mission focuses on American virtues, such as faith, family, country, independence, self-reliance, and hard work. American Manifest Destiny is fully embraced by Trump supporters! The President’s liberal Social Democrat Bolshevik detractors hate what Trump represents. The resurgence of American values and ascendancy; the restoration of American faith and power at home and abroad and the rediscovery of American sovereignty in foreign alliances, such as NATO and at home along American borders!


Strong and faithful conservatives acknowledge that Trumps legacy is the conservative legacy, Moreover, the Trump Administrations legacy is the American legacy deeply rooted in the American experience and in the American heritage. The liberal Social Democrats wish to re-educate America and steer the ship of state into the waters of government control, open borders, globalism, and cultural relativism. Under liberal leadership their plan is to dismember the American experience, hijack Americas history and create an American entity based on cultural a moralism and cultural relativism while mocking American Manifest Destiny and American Providence. The Liberal God is the power of Government and reign of government bureaucrats. Trumps legacy is American Manifest Destiny and Divine Providence rooted in American individualism, faith, and self-reliant industrialism. The choice belongs to America.

By Jeffrey E. Elliott, ESQ