That Time Project Veritas ACTUALLY UNMASKED the DEEP STATE….

I got some feedback from my last video where people were displeased that as of 9.20.18, I didn’t think that James O’Keefe and the Project Veritas team had yet UNMASKED any DEEP STATE players.


I like James and support his body of work. I have donated to them at least 2 times since 2009 when they exposed ACORN.
Here I share with you my coverage of their unmasking of Obama and Clinton cronies back in 2016.

Project Veritas Channel:

Here are my Instagram Videos from 2016 supporting and covering Project Veritas work:

Here are the original Project Veritas videos I am commenting on in this and my old Instagram videos:

White House Press Secretary Avoids Answering Questions about Bob Creamer and his connection to Obama’s White House:

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