Terrance Bates - RAV On-Air Staff

Terrance Bates

Meet Terrance, whom RAV viewers affectionately have nicknamed "Big Sexy"! 

Terrance as a career journalist who has worked in news for more than two decades.  During that time he has covered some of the biggest stories in the country.  His coverage resume includes the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh as well as having covered every currently living President of the United States.  Terrance has also hosted gubernatorial debates as well as local politics in cities like Richmond, Virginia, Memphis, Tennessee and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Terrance prides himself on being a consummate journalist who puts truth, accuracy and fairness above all things.  However, he is most proud of being father to his two daughters.  He often says, he wakes up each day with the goal of making the world a better place for them to live.  Tune in for Terrance's witty banter and solid reporting each morning on American Sunrise, which airs from 8-10am EST.  If you happen to miss him, you're sure to catch him filling in on one of the many shows that air throughout the day on RAV!