Tara Dahl - RAV On-Air Staff

Tera Dahl is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in national security and foreign policy. She served as Senior Advisor in the Conflict, Prevention, and Stabilization Bureau (CPS) at USAID during the Trump Administration. Additionally, she held the position of Special Assistant to the President, Deputy Chief of Staff at the National Security Council (NSC) in the White House.

Dahl has advised members of Congress, staff, and policymakers on complex security issues and worked as a national security senior advisor to a member of Congress. Her career is marked by her active involvement in conflict zones, where she has reported from the frontlines and worked to raise awareness to the threat of global jihad and religious persecution. Her on-the-ground experiences include embedding with Peshmerga forces in Northern Iraq, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on the Gaza border, and U.S. Marines in Afghanistan, among other critical areas.

She has also contributed to humanitarian efforts, providing medical and other assistance in regions like Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, and throughout the Middle East, and volunteered with the American Red Cross to support U.S. troops during the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.