Stuttering Hussein Invades my Backyard to Promote a Creepy Pervy Deviant DemonRat!

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Barack Hussein Obama II was in my backyard this weekend. He stuttered his way through a pathetic speech full of lies, psychological projection and ends his blathering with the promotion of Gil Cisneros, a dirty Dem accused of being a pervert and propositioning a fellow female Democrat as payment for political backing. But that doesn’t faze Hussein because Cisneros is a hack who helped Michael Obama’s failed school lunch reform. This hypocrisy is so typical it is (sadyly) no longer surprising!

And don’t be fooled…NO BLUE WAVE COMING, my fellow conservatives and libertarians! Get out and vote!

Patriots Rejoice! 2018 Will be Glorious!


KTLA article:

Obama Campaigning for dirty Democrat losers in Anaheim, California:

Breitbart and Fox News article about Gil Cisneros:

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