Stephanie Grisham: ‘Obsessed’ Adam Schiff having a ‘mental issue’

Stephanie Grisham: ‘Obsessed’ Adam Schiff having a ‘mental issue’

AVN Staff
January 27, 2020

While appearing on Sunday’s edition of Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham told Howard Kurtz she believes Adam Schiff, the California Democrat heading up the Democrats’ sham impeachment coup, is obsessed with taking President Trump down and is suffering from “a little bit of a mental issue.”

“Quite frankly, it seems like he’s having a little bit of a mental issue when you sit on the floor for hours and hours and hours,” she said. “He is obsessed with this president and trying to take him down.”

Earlier in the day, Trump issued a tweet calling Schiff “sick,” saying the bug-eyed barrister from Burbank has yet to pay a price for his actions.

Schiff and his fellow leftists took that to be a threat, but Grisham said it was simply Trump’s way of expressing the fact that the California Democrat has yet to pay a political price for his actions in the sham impeachment coup.

“That’s ridiculous,” she said, calling his statement, “grandstanding.”

“He hasn’t paid the price yet with the people of this country who see that he’s been lying and very obsessed,” she told Kurtz.

She also hammered the biased liberal media for its one-sided coverage of the impeachment trial.

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