Sophie Mann interviews Mark Meadows asking How do you think the Biden presidency is going marketing?

Mark meadows: Well, we have 100 days of no action. With regards to the vast majority of the American people. We have 100 days of alerts to the left in terms of a leftist agenda. And Sophie one of the one of the interesting things that we continue to see is, is these executive orders that they come out are actually hiding moderate Joe Biden he campaign is this moderate Democrat, but he's actually, you know, executing executive orders that would indicate that the far left progressive side of it of his caucus are actually calling the shots. So So for us, we had 450 plus lawsuits that were filed against the Trump administration. Every single time we took an action, there was some group out there that was suggesting that the the executive orders under the Trump administration were unconstitutional. And and I can tell you that we're not going to give the Biden administration a pass not in the first 100 days and not in the second 100 days or thereafter. Because what we see is, is really a tilting of the scale. I mentioned that earlier. But what we see is, is Washington DC, trying to cut deals for special insiders. And the only thing that that Joe Biden has to really brag about is the fact that they haven't been to the southern border and address the problem. And I mean, they're an app and their ability to actually control our southern border. JUST REAL NEWS & HONEST VIEWS! WATCH ON DISH CH 219 · PLUTO TV CH 240 · ROKU · APPLE TV · FIRE TV