Something Fishy Is Going On..[ Khashoggi, WaPo, Mueller, Fauxcohantas’ Epic Fail! Identity Politics]

The Mockingbird Press’ fascination with the Khashoggi story make me suspicious. Especially given his connection to the Deep State mouthpiece known as the Washington Post. Also, expect a ramp up of Mueller investigation news as we get closer to election day. I also touch on the three counts of irony that have plagued Elizabeth Warren as of late. And I end with a rant on how pathetic identity politics is. At the end of the rant the video got cut off for about 2 minutes so I just ended the stream. When YouTube processed the video, they cut out the 2 minutes of dead space, so the end seems disjointed.

**I mistakenly referred to Khashoggi as a Turkish citizen during part of this live stream. He is, of course, a Saudi. It doesn’t change my analysis. This is a foreign national killed in a foreign land. We don’t need to get involved.**

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