SCOTUS to Hear President Trump’s Financial Records Case

SCOTUS to Hear President Trump’s Financial Records Case

AVN Staff
December 14, 2019

President Trump’s legal team has managed to convince the Supreme Court to hear his case. 

Believe it or not, the Russia, Russia, Russia case is not quite over. Remember when Congress subpoenaed the President’s financial records. It was at the time that they were investigating the theory (lies) that the President had been involved in some sort of “money-laundering” scheme with the Kremlin. Then we had the two porn-stars supposedly paid off by then Trump Attorney Michael Cohen. 

Congress managed to convince three lower courts to order that the financial records from several banks and Trump’s accountants be turned over to Congress so they could then rifle through them to find any wrongdoings. 

The President, in order to shield his private affairs from Congressional scrutiny, has appealed to the highest court in the land in an effort to keep Congress out of his personal financial issues. 

The Supremes have agreed to hear what could be a landmark case. 

The arguments, according to Fox News, are to be held in March of 2020.

With arguments being held in March, this means the ruling is likely to not come down until somewhere around June of next year. This will be at the height of the campaign season. 

The Democrats don’t seem to learn very quickly. It is almost as if they suffer from a horrible learning disability. The fact is, the American people do not care if he paid a hooker, porn star, or the greenskeeper at Mar A Lago to keep a secret. They simply do not care! 

Furthermore, the American people do not care if he was involved Vladimir Putin on a real estate deal prior to his being inaugurated, President. They do not care! What part of that straightforward statement are the Democrats having a problem with? After everything that has transpired, one would have thought that Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Rachel Maddow would have learned by now. 

The House of Representatives under Nancy Pelosi’s tutelage has managed to string out an impeachment process that has already lasted nearly 3-years.

We already know the results. The House has come down with an “Obstructing Congress charge along with a charge of “Abuse of Power.” 

What began back in November 0f 2016 as a roar by the Democrats (meaning Russia aided the President in winning) has ended with a whimper in only managing to come up with two very weak charges. Amid all the controversy, amid all the allegations, lies, creative fabrications, this President has withstood everything and still manages to fill stadiums whenever he appears in public. 

A testament to his ability to multi-task, President Trump is coming off what could only be described a triumphant week. 

Added to the list of accomplishments this week:

  • An agreement on a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal.
  • A new budget including more than $1.3 billion for a border wall and blocks a government shutdown.
  • House approval of the U.S. Space Force, a brand-new branch of the military.
  • Government family leave that will be a model for a proposal for the public.
  • Tentative agreement on trade with China.
  • Approval of Trump’s 50th federal appeals judge.
  • Confirmation of a new Food and Drug Administration chief.
  • The signing of a pro-Israel anti-Semitism executive order.

As the President keeps racking up victories, the Democrats will keep scrambling, trying in vain to paint him as a crooked, sociopath who only is trying to destroy our democracy.

Which by the way, we do not have, we actually have a “representative republic.” Nevertheless, they will keep trying, and when the SCOTUS rules next year, they will attempt to use that ruling (no matter how they rule) as leverage to sway voters. 

The unfortunate truth for this party (meaning the Democrats) is that they have burned their credibility card with America with this kangaroo court witchhunt they called impeachment. The once-proud party of FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and so many more has now been reduced to a bunch of babbling cry babies named Nadler, Schiff, and Pelosi. Then toss in a few crazed socialists zealots named Tlaib, AOC, and Omar. 

The results are “ashes to ashes, and dust to dust” for the Democrat Party. 

If the elections in Great Britain are any indication of what is to come in the United States, they (the Dem’s) are going to have a very tragic November next year. 

Can we all say in unison; “FOUR MORE YEARS!”

By Ken Crow


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