Schiff lies again, misquotes Trump’s phone call with Ukranian president

Schiff lies again, misquotes Trump’s phone call with Ukranian president

AVN Staff
January 29, 2020

On Wednesday, shifty Adam Schiff, D-Calif., misquoted President Trump’s phone call transcript with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — AGAIN.  According to Schiff, the president told Zelensky to “do ME a favor.”

There’s only one little problem.  That’s NOT what Trump said.  In fact, he asked Zelensky to “do US a favor,” meaning the whole country, not just him.  Surely, Schiff knows this by now.  Assuming he does, considering that he has access to the transcript, that would make him a bald-faced liar.  Or as our good friend Jeff Dunetz might say, the bug-eyed lying barrister of Burbank.

Here’s video as posted to Twitter by GOP Rep. Andy Biggs.

Biggs is right. Schiff is so desperate to enact his seditious coup that he is willing to lie through his teeth in front of God and everyone. Worse yet, he has absolutely no remorse nor regrets, whatsoever, for spreading his bald-faced lies.

Others weighed in:

That’s because the lying liberal propagandists in the lying liberal media refuse to call him out for his never-ending lies.

Indeed. Like a vampire is allergic to sunlight.

If Sen. Josh Hawley has his way, that very thing will happen. We’re already stocking up on popcorn…

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By Joe Newby

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