Romanian Military Builds Medical Facility to Fight Coronavirus Spread

The Romanian army is helping to construct a new hospital in Bucharest aimed at helping the country deal with the spreading coronavirus, Thursday, March 19.

————————— READ MORE: After closing their external borders to help slow the spread of coronavirus, European countries are now scrambling to reduce the economic fallout of COVID-19, even as experts say more needs to be done. Rescue packages and fiscal stimulus measures — even the possibility in France of nationalizing some struggling companies—European governments are looking for ways to calm coronavirus-spooked businesses and citizens.

Analysts said the European Union’s second-largest economy, France, is taking the most dramatic steps so far. Addressing the nation this week, French President Emmanuel Macron said no company would risk collapse.

His government has announced a roughly $50-billion financial relief package, along with another 300 million in loans for small businesses.