Returnees from Turkey rest at a quarantine facility in Syria’s Idlib

▶️Syrians who returned from Turkey rest at a quarantine facility for a period of 14 days in Idlib, Syria, during the coronavirus pandemic.

👉A new report finds a record 50.8 million people globally are displaced within their own countries due to conflict, violence and natural disasters. The report, published by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, part of the Norwegian Refugee Council, says an estimated 33.4 million people were newly displaced in 2019, the highest annual figure since 2012.

The report says five countries — Syria, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, and Afghanistan — account for the majority of the 45.7 million people internally displaced by conflict and violence.

There have been 43 reported cases of the coronavirus in Syria, but nationwide lockdown measures have been extended to the camps, where overcrowded conditions would make an outbreak difficult to contain.

The World Health Organization has sent 5,900 testing kits to Idlib, Syria where they are being carefully rationed. Authorities have carried out around 200 tests so far, all of which came back negative.