Laura Ingraham interviewed President Trump and his alpha male, “tell-it-like-it-is” New York style of straight forward bravado was on full display. Plus, I debunk Hillary Clinton’s supposedly offensive remarks regarding Spartacus Cory Booker, Kickin’ Eric Holder and the idea that all black males look alike. I catch up with Obama, who is out stirring up tiny crowds behind POTUS in an attempt to instigate a blue ripple. I expose his lies about the approaching horde with facts. Lastly, we look at some weird news out of Florids [sic] involving Whore’s Face & Accessory Psy-Op [sic].

#TRUMP #ALPHAMALE #HonduranCaravan #HillaryClinton #EricHolder #CoreyBooker #StormyDaniels #CesarSayoc

***I edited this video 4 times and YouTube Demonetized it right away each time. Their advertiser friendly rules are arbitrary and impossible to decipher. They will demonetize this video for 3 days until they do a manual review and after everyone has seen it they will finally agree that this video is ad friendly after all. RIDICULOUS!***

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President Trump goes one-on-one with Laura Ingraham

Gobierno: Migrantes portan armas y bombas Molotov nueva caravana hoy, … https://youtu.be/_lq6cH0IDnA


México acusa que migrantes preparan bombas molotov para cruzar frontera


Migrantes incendian garita migratoria en Pijijiapan, Chiapas

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