Rats Take Over Empty Streets in Thailand as Coronavirus Measures Take Effect


As humans retreat indoors at night to fight the coronavirus, Bangkok’s streets are being taken over by increasingly brazen rats who are venturing out across the Thai capital in huge numbers.
READ MORE: Most of Thailand’s provinces have banned sales of alcoholic beverages, heeding a central government call to discourage festive celebrations for the Thai New Year, as the country seeks to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Thailand is among Southeast Asian countries that are canceling or scaling back traditionally boisterous Buddhist New Year celebrations amid the global pandemic.

The Thai New Year celebrations are usually held from April 13-15, but the government this year has postponed the holidays that normally would be taken then.

Bangkok, which typically closes off streets during April for traditional water fights, has called off the activities and is urging businesses and malls to do likewise. The government also is urging Thais to refrain from traveling back to their hometowns as they normally would do for the New Year.