President Trump Started ZERO Wars - And How He Did It

President Trump Started ZERO Wars - And How He Did It

July 25, 2023, 10:03 PM

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.”

- President George Washington (1732-1799)

In case you missed it—owned media, Liberal simps, deranged academics, unhinged celebrities/athletes and war-loving RINO Republicans (hello, Liz Cheney) … President Trump started ZERO wars. And, many Americans have missed this story because the slobbering media and Marxist Left in this country have purposely hidden it from the citizenry.

All of the presidents in my lifetime started some kind of “military engagement.”

The amiable but inert Gerald Ford ordered airstrikes on Cambodia post-Vietnam.

Even the scrawny & incompetent Jimmy Carter had his botched “Iran rescue,” which was disgraceful even by Clinton & Obama’s lowly standards. 

President Trump not only avoided starting any wars, but he also finished those that were started by other military-industrial-complex-possessed presidents.

President Trump had so many countless successes that I cannot detail them all here.

But among his most extraordinary accomplishments, Trump produced: an unprecedented economic miracle leading to jobs for minorities and the middle class across the board; an unprecedented $3.2 trillion tax cut that worked; building 458 miles of his wall, in the face of evil Congressional distractions while fulfilling the central campaign promise that got him elected, “Build the Wall;” masterfully negotiated trade, tariff & NATO agreements as only Trump could; the unparalleled Abraham accords, impossible under any other mediocre president; and finally, the pièce de resistance in my estimation, America’s energy independence. (My 10/27/2020 Newsmax column, “The Fantastic Feat of America’s Energy Independence.”)

And, I didn’t even include the notable Trump strengthening of our military. This man is an action-figure & super-hero.

Of course, the spineless incels in the legacy media and Biden voters will lie endlessly that none of the above happened. Sinful deniers all. 

By rights of all his accomplishments, I put Trump right up there with the indisputably greatest Presidents in history: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln & Ronald Reagan.

“Very importantly, they respected our country … which they don’t right now,” President Trump told me during a recent phone conversation. “I rebuilt our military in a beautiful fashion with the best equipment in the world, which is one of the things that was very important. But they respected me and I respected them and I got along with people.”

The overarchingly important part of that quote is the rebuilding of the US military that Trump directed. Like Reagan, “peace through strength” was central to Trump’s plan to keep the peace.

“They had a tremendous … ah, I don’t even want to use the word ‘fear’ but perhaps it’s an appropriate word. They had a tremendous fear of what we had built. Now, the military has been very diminished because of ‘woke’ and things that are taking place but it’s been diminished for another reason: we don’t have any ammunition! Because our ammunition has been largely given away to Ukraine and other places. We literally don’t have ammunition right now, if you can believe it, it’s not even believable. So, we’re at a very vulnerable point, it's the most dangerous point in the history of our country because of the power of the weaponry that other countries have.”

Reason #1 Trump starts zero wars: He rebuilt the US military and our troops love him.

Peter Navarro, alongside Trump from the first campaign through his entire presidency, and author of Taking Back Trump’s America, gave me the inside baseball view of how Trump’s mystique worked: “Xi’s encounter with Trump at the Osaka 2019 G20 unmasked this Chinese dictator.  The Boss, in a quite accidental and offhand remark, claimed – with absolute historical accuracy – that if the United States had not come to China’s aid during World War II, China would have been lost to Japan.”

This is what’s called playing hardball with the world’s psychopaths and US enemies … negotiating America First agreements and avoiding war through strength. Or in other words, what Joe Biden hasn’t a clue how to do. 

Contrary to what the sniggering, gutless globalist media says, Trump was not cozying up to any of the world’s villains, he was just setting them up for the big fall with unpredictable and enigmatic behaviors. 

“With that remark,” Navarro continued amusingly, “Xi’s flash of anger was so bright I thought I needed shades.  Gone in a Beijing second was the façade of any obsequiousness. Vaporized was any hint of a kowtow. In this magic moment of the Great Reveal, Xi Jinping seemed to at least figuratively rise up on his Devil’s haunches. As I watched this unfold, I had to restrain myself from laughing out loud – that certainly would have been an international incident.”  

“But at least I had a big ‘I told you so’ grin on my face for all in the room to see.” 

“With a wry or sheepish smile – I couldn’t quite tell which – the President acknowledged that he had finally seen the real Communist Butcher of Beijing. Said the Boss as his eyebrows rose: ‘Wow, did you see that? Finally, the true Xi Jinping.’  True that,” Navarro concluded laconically.

Reason #2 Trump starts zero wars: He’s tough, says what he means and means what he says.  

President Trump told me, “Now we’re not respected, we’re a laughingstock. I think it started with Afghanistan, the way they left. I was going to leave faster than them but we were going to do it with dignity and strength, we wouldn’t have taken the military out until everything was done. That’s why there are tremendous numbers of Americans there right now … we gave them $85 billion dollars of equipment—think of it. And we lost 13 incredible soldiers and many more badly, badly wounded. It’s a disgrace.”

“Biden’s Afghanistan disaster would’ve never happened if I was President.” And Trump was right … yet again.

“I know exactly what to do and how to do it and I deal with these people, they’re tough—they’re at the top of their game.  They’re sharp; people hate when I say these things. ‘You’re saying President Xi is …’ Yeah, I’m saying he’s very sharp, very smart, he’s a brilliant tactician. Then they say, ‘Oh! He says good things about President Xi!’ These aren’t good things or bad things—it’s fact.”

Reminds me of Sun Tzu, the 4th century BC military strategist and philosopher. I said to Trump, “I think it was Sun Tzu who told us you’ve got to respect your enemy.” 

The President quickly responded, “Yeah, respect him but certainly don’t underestimate him. If you get along with people that have a lot of power, what’s the purpose of going to war? You’re going to war and you’ll have many, many people killed. Especially nowadays, because you start using certain types of weapons and it would be annihilation, I wouldn’t call it war. It’s annihilation for a large section of the world, maybe the entire world.”

This man cares about people. What other politicians do you think are the same way?

Reason #3 Trump starts zero wars: He loves his people & country, respects other leaders but brooks no BS.

Jim Caviezel said, “This is a good man, a great man. Would you want someone like Biden fighting Hitler?”

Hogan Gidley was President Trump’s Deputy Press Secretary and then was the Press Secretary for the 2000 reelection campaign. I asked him what his observations were about the “Trump magic” with world leaders. 

“It depends on who the leader was,” Gidley began, “with someone like Kim Jung Un, I was there in North Korea on that trip; I was in the room across from President Xi when they were talking about buying some of our ag products and other things. It’s interesting because President Trump just knows people so well. And often times, when he sat with foreign leaders he’d open with jokes, he would build a rapport and then we would get down to business on different trade negotiations, different deals that could be made whether it was Bolsonaro from Brazil, Abe from Japan or Moti from India. And consistently, the people in that room knew that Donald Trump was going to put America first.”

“And he expected that other countries would put their people first too,” Gidley recalled. “But he was sick and tired of the posture that resulted in trade deals that benefitted workers from other nations. He hated the fact that America had refused to dig in and push agreements that made other countries pay their fair share.”

Of course, these two areas of strong trade agreements and the NATO reconstruction of previously weak and harmful agreements for the USA, became a hallmark of President Trump’s many outcomes.

“Privately, a lot of these leaders would tell him at the UN or wherever, they’d say to him, ‘Thanks for insisting that other countries pay their fair share.’ Because they were just hoping America would do it. Leaders in this country had just allowed our taxpayers to basically fund other nation’s prosperity while ignoring our own.”

Gidley was on a roll, “Xi for example, President Trump would ask other people questions from the Chinese delegation to get information from them. Xi wouldn’t let them talk of course. It was only Xi that could speak but Trump was trying to soften that and they would not dare speak. This is how Trump would better read the room.”

Another example of Trump’s superior negotiating strategy, Gidley said was classic Trump. “After the meeting with Xi, he (the Chinese tyrant) then immediately reneged on the deal they had just agreed to and President Trump immediately said, ‘Go get me Abe (from Japan).’ Abe comes in, they go in a room then come out and the next thing you know they announced the largest trade deal between America and Japan. Japan bought the stuff China was going to buy.”

Reason #4 Trump starts zero wars: He knows how to masterfully negotiate and walks away when beneficial. Going from Xi to Abe was a bold and virtuoso move.

During a meeting with Jair Bolsonaro, then President of Brazil, Gidley and I laughed about Trump’s use of humor—anybody who knows Trump can confirm that the man is funny. “After the reporters leave, Trump starts off the negotiation jokingly exacerbated, ‘What do you need from us, what can America do for you?’ Kind of joking and Bolsonaro says, ‘Look, Mr. President, we have so many outstanding resources in Brazil, we have rare earth minerals, we have the Amazon and we have minerals,’ and Trump just cuts him off mid-sentence saying, ‘I don’t like the Amazon.’ And Bolsonaro starts kind of excitedly, and confused and a little worried and says, ‘What is it you don’t like?’ Trump didn’t miss a beat, ‘Too many snakes.’ The room was dying of laughing and then we started talking about trade. Other people in the room were kind of white-knuckled and terrified, thinking Trump was just insulting another world leader. But all the time Trump was laser-focused on the ultimate goal, which was the trade deal that benefitted our country.”

Reason #5 Trump starts zero wars: He breaks the solemnity with daring humor, thus unstiffening his adversary.

Trump’s approach was the same whether trade or peace was on the table.

“When we were in South Korea with President Moon,” Gidley remembered then shifted gears momentarily, “when Kamala Harris went to the same location, overlooking the DMZ, they were pointing out to her the DMZ and the significance and her response was, ‘Have you seen these pictures from our satellite and the moon from outer space?’ What is she talking about? When Donald Trump was there, President Moon said ‘We used to have these rockets flying over our heads every day and they stopped when you became President.’ Now, that’s a significant peace of mind for someone like Moon who shares a border with a nuclear-powered North Korea.” 

“We were scrambling to get to the DMZ and he was going to meet Kim at the border. And as we were standing there, you know thirty yards away from the border talking, he goes over there, the press was right behind him and they were in ear shot. He got to the border he kind of opened his arms like he was welcoming somebody and then turned back to us and points to the other side. I knew he was going (into North Korea). And I heard the press say, “He’s F’ing going … I can’t believe he’s F’ing going.’ And he walked right across.”

This was definitive Trump engaging with one of the world’s most dangerous, unhinged dictators. Obama had warned Trump it was impossible and to not even try. So much for Obama’s advice. And in this way with open arms and obvious strength, Trump preserved quiet and peace with North Korea for the rest of his presidency.

Reason #6 Trump starts zero wars: He allows nobody to tell him what to do and does the seemingly impossible; like walk across the border no other president has ever dared approach.  

Gidley gave his final analysis, “President Trump doesn’t need grandiose places like Mar-A-Lago, The White House or Camp David. He just needs an audience. He gets in front of those leaders and he tells them how it’s gonna be: we’re not gonna be the world’s piggy bank anymore, we’re not gonna keep taking it on the chin. Giving you goods and products for nothing and you’re tariffing the living hell out of our stuff.”

Steve Bannon was a key Trump confidante and campaign strategist. His exceptional background includes a storied career as a Naval officer; a stint as a Goldman Sachs investment banker, which yielded his investment start-up, Bannon & Co. (sold to Societe Generale); and the co-founding of Breitbart News.

Now, of course, Bannon has his wildly popular show “War Room” on twice daily.

“Always remember,” Bannon told me with great momentousness, “the hardest negotiation (to prevent war) is with the administrative state and the ‘deep state’ in the US Government. It’s a war machine and the war profiteers that are literally out of control. That’s why Trump put me on the NSC and I was the guy in charge of the first year and getting us out of Afghanistan and briefing him.” My mind immediately flashed on the difference between Trump & Biden, the clear-headed, firm-handed, patriotic but peaceful intensity versus the discombobulated, incoherency of a bumbler-in-chief. Help us Jesus.

I asked Bannon if the NSC he served on was filled with “dim bulbs and rotten Communists.” He jumped on that, “They had 350 people, and they were all administrative staters like Vindman. The NSC was rotten from top to bottom with both Bush and Obama detailees.” (Future story coming on the Trump NSC from this writer with story from Steve Bannon.) 

Bannon kept rolling, “Not only did he not start any wars, he ended a big war called the ISIS war. He crushed ISIS and he made (US Secretary of Defense Jim) Mattis and the Pentagon do it exactly how he wanted to do it. Remember they had a caliphate when Trump took office. The caliphate of ISIS had more territory, they had half of Syria and half of Iraq that was under their control. Obama had told Trump that it ‘would take a generation to break that.’ It was gone within just over a year.”

“He stopped the insanity of (former Trump National Security Advisor, John) Bolton and these guys trying to do the overthrow in Venezuela that was like a comic opera. He cut Bolton down at the last second when Bolton wanted to non-proportionally go back and do a missile strike and take out, kill a bunch of people in Iran.”

Reason #7 Trump starts zero wars: He fights the military-industrial-intel complex within his administration. No other president has done this, they all acquiesce.

Bannon stormed onward, “His number one negotiation was not with foreign leaders—those were hard enough—people have to understand that the administrative state and the rogue element of the deep state of the national security, law enforcement and intelligence communities is its own separate government.”

“Obama told him that North Korea was going to be the biggest thing he ever had to face. When he came back to Trump Tower, I told Trump that ‘you know that’s nonsense, they (North Korea) are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CCP.’ He said, ‘I know that. These guys have no clue.’ He knew when they (Obama and his people) gave him the strategic briefing, that they were clueless. They put no emphasis on China whatsoever. All the emphasis was on the Gulf.” 

Under Obama, “CENTCOM was everything and they accomplished nothing. We had a war in Iraq and they really hadn’t wound down. They had a war in Afghanistan that was still going on. And our side wasn’t winning but just funding it. And you had ISIS setting up a caliphate. With $9 trillion dollars spent and losses all around.”

So, Trump said, "we’re gonna have a totally different deal".

"Step one, we’re taking out ISIS and we’re gonna hammer the Chinese Communist Party. They can’t exist with us economically and they’re ripping us off on manufacturing and tariffs.’ The very first conversation we had after he came back from the Obama briefing, we talked about tariffs. He got Navarro working on it during the transition, six months before Lighthizer was confirmed by the Senate.”

Bannon summarized succinctly, “Trump was so far down the path on everything. He had a strategic vision immediately … and here’s the point: the people that fought him the most were the deep state—every second, of every day, including on China.”

Reason #8 Trump starts zero wars: He has a rock-solid strategy and moves with unbelievable swiftness. He gets things done.

What was Xi like? I asked the President. “Well, I got along great with Xi until COVID came along … and that was so bad. When COVID came in, you’re talking about $50 trillion dollars of damage around the world and millions of lives. And it came out of Wuhan.”

“And I see the way China is treating us now. They’re treating us like children, like a country they don’t respect.”

“We know only too well that war comes not when the forces of freedom are strong but when they are weak. It is then that tyrants are tempted.”

President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

By Bill Robinson


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